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Oct 20 11 4:55 AM

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Just wondering about the feasibility of a set of heads/legs/arms (really just the heads) to ashigaru/samurai to make a more religious force, especially the monks who annoyed Oda before he decided to burn down their coastal strongholds

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Jan 5 12 11:49 PM

That would round things out very nicely.  If you add in some bits to make unarmored Samurai to use as Ronin or "bandits" the utility goes through the roof.

One head should look like Toshiro Mifune.

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Jan 6 12 3:44 PM

Add in some scruffy looking continental Asian heads as well, some Chinese swords here or there, and you've got wako (pirates) to loot and pillage up and down the coastlines of China and Korea...

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Oct 14 13 9:49 PM

Actually, the face scarf wearing Persian heads could easily be used to make sohei warriors. I mean simply put the head on the coat wearing samurai torso, attach ashigaru legs, add arms and a weapon of your choice, put a base on it and you are done or at least that is how I plan to do it. The only real drawback to this kit bash is their famous use of naginata, there is one the cavalry set now but I think it would be cooler if there was a naginata that was separate from the arms and hands so we could use it to make lady naginata users among other things.

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