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Aug 10 13 4:42 AM

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OK, IF you are not planning on attending GenCon then you really need to pay attention to this Facebook link Daisy just placed:

After you check out the link above, please, please remember to "like" our Facebook page if you have not already done so, AND tell your friends also!

Please also send messages to all your friends to watch either the WF forums OR the WF Facebook page during GenCon next week.


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Aug 12 13 4:42 PM

Okay, I went and I "liked" it. Drooled on/at several, heck, "many" photos. All the way back to Feb. 2011.

I am therefore I think....OR....I think therefore I am...OR...I think I am therefore I am!!

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Aug 14 13 1:24 PM

Hi Everybody,
Code to get 25% discount is conspecial .
Thank you all, and enjoy!

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Nov 1 13 1:40 PM

Just a thought regarding a possible 'future' Halloween sale idea.

Granted Halloween is not 'the' biggest marketing / sales period, IIRC that honor of course still goes to Christmas. However I was just thinking, now that Wargames Factory has 4 completed sets in the Apocalypse series it could be the basis for a sales promotion this time of year.

For example...

One special could be a "The Apocalypse Collection!' This of course would include one each of the following sets; "Zombie Horde, Zombie Vixens, Apoc Survivors the Men and Apoc Survivors the Women". All Four sets for a single price with say.. a 20% discount for only a 24 - 48 hour sale time period.

Or if you wanted to stay a little more 'true' to the spirit of Halloween (sorry for the pun), do the more traditional 25% discount on individual boxes of the two Zombie sets (Horde and Vixens) and of course the Skeleton set. After all, whats Halloween without a skeleton rattl'ing around somewhere.

Just tossing that out as a thought. Of course this time of year, Im sure the WGF team (among other things) are working on ideas for their annual Christmas Sales Promotion as well.

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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Nov 2 13 7:21 AM


Thank you for the suggestions. Yes, a sale is coming soon, and I will keep you all posted.

As always, Daisy is hard at working with a new marketing project.


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Nov 2 13 3:08 PM

Wow thanks guys and Gals!

Some truly incredible workmanship their-Just jaw droppingly good

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