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Dec 1 13 11:48 AM

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Here's a modified Dreamforge Eisenkern trooper figure I recently completed. The body, arms, holsters and pouches are Dreamforge, the pistols are from a Reaper weapons sprue, and the head is from a five pack of aftermarket 'Confederate' heads from Puppet's War. I really like the Dreamforge troopers, I have quite a few projects in mind for them!

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Dec 1 13 3:46 PM

I agree. They are excellent kits - the only thing I don't like is the helmet design, and that's really just because it doesn't fit with any of my own projects.

Superb bit of work there! Well done.

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Jan 7 14 5:42 PM

[quote:Jim]Stolen armor, from the Cowboys and Aliens War?[/quote] Isnt that the best kind? If your short of weapons and gear.. take your enemy's. (B I G SMILE)

Drmathias, thats really is some amazing work youve done. Well done, very well done. DF is great, but a bit out of my hobby $$ ball park Im sorry to say. But its all good, as long as I have WF, zulus and anicients (Celts, German, Viking) too name a few.

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