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Sep 28 13 10:09 AM

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I dipped an army:

I believe that's about 250 points for Hail Caesar.

Figures are all by Reaper Miniatures, primarily from their Bones line.
1. Prime white
2. Dip in Walnut-colored Minwax wood stain.
3. Wait two days.
4. Wipe off the excess wood stain which STILL hadn't cured (The remnant in the cracks cured very quickly after I did this).
5. Pick out metals and gems with paint.
6. Base.
I'd say I spent about 8 hours of actual working time on these.

More pictures:

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Feb 23 14 2:20 PM

Just out of this world-I'm actually looking at the Reaper Mummy Leader types for my own KoW Undead. Now you've sealed the deal.

I've never seen the deity/Horus(?) type statue/Golem type thingy before-What's it call please I may have to try and nab one of those as well:P

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Feb 25 14 9:33 PM

It looks like the dip did most of your work for you, and beautifully at that. Your own work on detailing the gems, metals, and other features makes them pop fabulously. Absolutely marvelous job, overall.

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