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Feb 10 13 6:48 AM

judgedoug & everyone,

At this time we are still working on the Kickstarter mailings. When those are complete we will be posting on our web store.

No worries, we are aware many of you are interested in the Kickstarter project and we are working as quickly as possible to make this product available.

Also WSS Infantry is sold out, and we are working on this also. (I am also sold out, so I will not have any available for conventions until further notice!)


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Feb 21 13 6:31 PM

Friends at WGF and DFG, received my Eisenkern boxes and I am amazed by detail, craftmanship and pure potential. This partnership I hope will pay off for all involved, these are simply amazing and I think will tie in nicely with my Shocktroops.

Will post pics once I start building and converting them (never ever leave anything stock!)

Greets from a happy modeller in Canada!


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Feb 22 13 2:43 PM

Although I'm not at all into this Nazis in space concept or even SF in general I did order a squad of Eisenkern troopers.
They look truly special and I'm very much looking forward to painting them.
Shame they are a bit on the GW side price wise, at least here in the UK..

Still, impressive work!!



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Feb 27 13 4:46 PM


I have to agree with you in 'concept'. While I admit the "Nazi" look is definitley eye catching and not easily overlooked, I'm a bit on overload with the "Space Nazi" theme myself.

As for the miniatures themselves, from everything I have seen online, they look outstanding as for quality and detail and repeat what I've said sometime in the past.
I think (scale permitting) they will work great as 'light / regular Infantry' for WF's Great Coats.

NOW..  'someone' really needs to come up with an alien set with (lots of) variations, especially heads. Also enough of each head variation so that the entire set could be built as "Human", "Bird" (Owl perhaps.. its different), the usually popular "Reptilian".  After all they do have a distinct fierce / powerful look to them.
And yes, I know there are lizardmen out there. However, I dont think they could be over looked as an option simply because, "its been done before".

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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