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Nov 28 12 7:20 AM

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This month's installment of the Faction Design Contest is entitled "I am the Law"! This month we're looking for figures of authority and rank. This could be anything from WWII German SS troops to Post Apocalyptic pseudo-enforcers. Basically what I'm looking for is an "Elite" troop that is used to instil order in their own troops as much as inspire fear in their enemies.


6 unique torsos
6 unique heads
weapon selection
possible 'extras'

This entry can be from any time period and cover any faction, just meet the guidelines above! Good luck!

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Nov 28 12 8:46 AM

Ok my submission-

Maybe not 'Elite' to many, but they do a damn hard job and are a cut above the average citizen (I've seen The Walking Dead and Hot Fuzz) so it must be true....Generic 'Cops'. US style police in mixed poses. Suitable as 'Cops' Security forces or State Troopers.

I wanted to go with Uber Tough Future SWaTs but I'd love some plastic flatfoots....but it's ok if disqualified, just want WGF to get a hint...

Torsos (no heads) Uniform should consist of Regulation shirt with badge/shield on left breast, flapped breast pockets. No arms on torso's.

Trousers (with nice sharp crease to front and back) belt with pouches for cuffs and ammo and shoes.

1 x Pose with legs 'at ease'. Feet 90 degrees to one another.
1 x kneeling pose
1 x running pose
1 x left foot forward as if firing pose
1 x female torso standing
1 x female torso kneeling

All open handed.

Arms. Left and right with sleeves rolled up on 4 pairs
          Left and right with rolled down shirt sleeves 4 pairs
          Left and right with rolled down sleeves to carry scatter guns/rifles 4 pairs.
          Left and right arms extended/slightly bent at elbows 2 pairs 

Accessories all suitable for open hands

Revolvers x 3
Pistols (Sigs or Brownings/Colts etc) x 4
Pump action shot guns (non-military with full stock) x 4
Assault rifles x 2 (M16/Colt Assault Rifle style)
Generic Bolt Action 'Scoped Rifle' x 1
Batons and shields x 2 (each)
Walkie Talkies/Modern style radios x 6
Extra pouches (mixed generic) x 6
Holsters x 6
Grenade launchers x 2
Battering Ram x 1
Note pad/folder/file


4 x male with flat cap (with corners not rounded)
2 x female as above
2 x male no hats
2 x female no hats (hair in bun and ponytail)
4 x male with rounded caps
2 x female with rounded caps
1 x male with 'Smokey Bear Hat'
1 x female with 'Smokey Bear Hat'
Helmeted with visor or gas mask x 6

Plain Bases x 6

Quite generic from the 30's to present day in some areas I know, but lots of uses. From Gangster and Pulp, to Horror and Z games with lots of 1950's 'Weird Diner' games in-between.
I'd buy 'em! 

Well at least 2-3 boxes depending on how many were in each set 

Is there anything you can't combine with the Persian figs?

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#3 [url]

Nov 29 12 1:08 AM

Hmmm. OK, I have it, inspired by a brief description from one of Poul Anderson's Dominic Flandry novels concerning how the Terran Empire was defending itself increasingly by using penal battalions of human convicts-turned-pressganged-soldiers led by *robot* officers(!!), and the need for some good "generic" robot soldiers in 28mm! So what I have in mind are the robotic "officers" who function as the NCOs and officer cadres as well as the "field police/commissars" within the Terran Empire's penal regiments:

1) The overall size of the robots is a head taller and noticeably bulkier and more menacing than the hapless human soldiers they boss about. They look somewhat like a high-tech suit of armour, but clearly they are no nonsense humanoid battle robots. No spikes or such cliche rubbish, but alternate should pads with elaborate raised scrollwork and a "generic" "Imperial Terran eagle" design could be included. The hands should be five-digit humanoid hands, but plainly larger than a normal man's and capable of crushing bone with a single squeeze.

2) The overall configuration of the 'bots is humanoid. Their heads are armored with an especially menacing skull face -think the Terminator endoskeleton but with sharp teeth and a real menacing expression on their robotic faceplate- to drive home the message to their reluctant subordinates as to who's the boss (and what's gonna happen if they disobey the order to charge that enemy strongpoint without a shred of hesitation). Optional heads could include a "not-Gort" style head with just a simple slit for the eyes and simple details for the audio and auditory receptors/speakers, an armored lantern-jawed humanoid bot face, and perhaps various robotic style animal heads like a snarling tiger, bull/minotaur, or grizzly bear.

3) Weapons would be separate, the equivalent of light infantry semi-portable support weapon systems I mean, how else does a hardworking robotic NCO keep a squad of reluctant convicts pointed in the general direction of the enemy (and more afraid of the 'bot than the enemy!!!)?! Weapons would include a minigun with requisite ammo pack, a heavy energy weapon projector, a multi-barreled energy weapon, and a twin heavy machine gun system.

These are meant to serve as really nasty heavy infantry robots, as actual 'bot officers for penal legion troops, as robotic minions for Pulp Fiction villains, for pulp sci-fi games as either 'bot soldiers fighting for the good guys or as robotic legionnaires for the evil galaxy-spanning Imperium of Emperor Ying the Deranged out to conquer Earth.

Leland R. Erickson, Evil-Genius-at-Large "Clouseau! Give me ten men like him, and I can destroy the whole world!" -Inspector Charles Dreyfus

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#4 [url]

Nov 29 12 3:18 AM

Ok my submission-
Maybe not 'Elite' to many, but they do a damn hard job..    US style police in mixed poses. Suitable as 'Cops' Security forces or State Troopers.
I wanted to go with Uber Tough Future SWaTs but I'd love some plastic flatfoots....but it's ok if disqualified, just want WGF to get a hint..


I love the idea!  Reminds me of the comment I made 'way back when', not long after the Zombie horde was released. 
Long before the LaUL went thru the whole confusion and freeze situation I put a brief, less detail as I recall than you have done here Potter, submission for something simular.
After all, as I said then.. "If your going to have Zeds shambling around all over the place, you need somebody to "Protect and Defend" (whats left) of the normals.

I'd love to see this go thru.  (Really loud HINT to WF here grin)

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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#5 [url]

Nov 29 12 12:10 PM

Sorry I should have said 'Short Sleeves' not sleeves rolled up-Also I forgot to add arms to hold the pistols/revolvers in a double handed grip and extended arms for one handed grip! Eeeep!

Is there anything you can't combine with the Persian figs?

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#7 [url]

Nov 29 12 3:57 PM

Hey, new to this forum! I've got some ideas which I will post some time this weekend.

My idea revolves around of some sort of 'greater' demons (around 1.5x the human height) who would either drive the lesser demons, succubi, imps and other forward into battle by the use of whips and scary appearance OR be a sort of 'prison officers' in hell, the prisoners being the souls of the dead condemned to torture in hell.

Does this idea even fit your definition or should I think of something else?
Also I know we are doing this for fun but are there any prizes people have in mind.


*Brotherhood of Eternal Sleep*

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#9 [url]

Nov 30 12 7:28 AM


Welcome to our forums!

This is a, just for fun, mostly idea from a forum member.

Wargames Factory ran two different painting contests for prizes in 2012. Please look at our main web site for the Mash Up Contest winner announcement for the most recent contest.


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#10 [url]

Nov 30 12 5:34 PM

Yea, I did have a conversion ready for that contest as well but never got around to finishing it :(.

*Brotherhood of Eternal Sleep*

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