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Dec 15 12 7:41 AM

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The time to settle in and do some work on the massive armies gathering on the work bench!
Unless you have a spouse or significant other with plans of their own.
My plan was to assemble and paint, my wife's plan is to go shopping. And of course our microwave went blue screen this week so we must replace that. (Nachos and popcorn are a staple around here).
So, what are your plans for Saturday. . .or the weekend?

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Dec 15 12 12:38 PM

Hmmm, at the moment, continue 'tolerating / nursing" a would-be migraine  LOL
In general, surf the computer / net until my eye balls fall out due to boredom or I decide to get out and Finally put up... THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!  Oh man I knew I forgot something...  again.

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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Dec 15 12 12:58 PM

Stuck in with crap telly, finished my books, pouring over internet painting sites (inc. WGF) for inspiration for when we're back in our own place and civilization. Picking through copies of WI and WD I brought with me for ideas and inspirations.

This is purgatory, though that really is me wallowing as there's many a damn site worse off than we are....

Still some of me figs and paints would have been nice.....oh and me other halfs mother does my f**king head in lol 

Is there anything you can't combine with the Persian figs?

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