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Feb 9 13 3:12 PM

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Here's a basing technique on the cheap.
These come from a ceramic tile sheet and are 20mm x 20mm. Cost $ 5.00 US for 196 bases = 2.6 cents apiece. There are also sheets exactly 25mm square as well - 4 cents a base. The completed Roman is Wargames Factory and flocked with static grass and fine "coal" applied with school gel. I use "GOOP" to attach the minis to the bases. The other figures are comparisons. I included one standard square plastic base for comparison. They paint up normally. I just use craft store paints.

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Feb 9 13 6:52 PM

Well.......thanks for the idea. 

 I mount all my infantry on individual 20 by 20mm bases. My cavalry is mounted on 25 by 50mm bases. All are NON-GW bases. Ceramic tile, I never would have come up with THAT one.

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Feb 9 13 11:07 PM

Thats a great idea. I never would have thought of that. In my case it would 'kill two birds w/ one stone", as I prefer to 'weigh down' my miniatures w/ a small washer or bit of 'slug' metal.
Ive learned the 'soldiers' tend to "fall down" less when going uphill during skirmish games, when the base has a bit of weight added. LOL

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Feb 10 13 12:21 AM

Excellent! I'm always on the prowl for bases on the cheap...

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Feb 10 13 5:43 AM

Hmmmm another clever newbie, well done sir.

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Feb 10 13 6:58 AM

You can also get ceramic sheets that match 25mm x 50mm horse type bases exactly. The ones I've found are not bevelled and are thicker than a plastic base. Still, a possible alternate.
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Feb 11 13 5:36 AM

Very cool.  I'm thinking the tile could make for great dungeon themed bases.

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