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Jul 22 13 6:39 AM


WOW! No only are you a fabulous painter, but a fantastic photographer as well!

Thank for these truly beautiful WIP photos, and I agree with jack, copper is a fantastic look.


For those of you going to GenCon, PLEASE let me know IF you are thinking of taking advantage of the "buy 5 get one free" special convention pricing. Daisy just told me that the lowest priced DreamForge box will also be allowed as the sixth box-- IF you are buying DreamForge. 

Yes Virginia, if you buy 5 robots at the 20% discount you can also receive a free robot! So, talk to all of your gamer friends and take advantage of this great deal! (Quantities will be limited.) 

I can hold some robots aside for forum members only until Friday night, August 16th. BUT, you must first send me a private message if you definitely plan to take advantage of this special offer by Thursday, August 1st..This is your chance to receive special forum member only consideration.


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Jul 23 13 10:06 AM



One of your early pics appears to have a color cast, probably from the light you used. I think it was misleading and gave a golden/copper coloration to the model.

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Jul 30 13 5:47 AM

i must get an airbrush.  This thing looks awesome.

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#72 [url]

Aug 3 13 1:42 PM

first element of the base started: alien mech incapacitated by the Leviathan's Vulcan cannon then decapitated before being squashed underfoot (along with the unfortunate pilot!).

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#79 [url]

Aug 11 13 7:32 PM

Young man.. you have far too much time on your hands. LOL

I wish I just had the steadiness of those hands.  devil

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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#80 [url]

Aug 16 13 1:32 AM

no updates on the Levathan at the moment as I'm busy with a bit of commission work. I've started work on the base as I want to fix the stance because all the handling is loosening the joints! In the meantime here's another vehicle suggestion...

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