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Feb 4 09 9:19 PM

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Apr 30 09 7:25 AM

Saw this and thought, "That's exactly what i want in life. Hard plastic Byzantines.(At a reasonable cost.)" How do these figure look beside GWs LotR figs. I have the byzantines in mind as proxies for Gondor/Minas Tirith. I was looking at the celtic cavalry as possible Dunlending proxies.

Noticed it was posted in February. Hope this revives it.

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Sep 12 09 3:32 AM

Looks like these guys have managed to creep already up to 19% level, even though there has been little discussion about them.

For those wonder about the title, Komnenian period was 1081-1185, and I presume Nikephorian period was before this (starting from Nikephoros I perhaps?).

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#3 [url]

May 30 10 11:45 AM

I wish that there was a group for Justinian Byzantines as well, but much of that can be adapted from late Roman troops, the beauty of the Byzantines is they fought almost every where and used almost every country as mercenaries.  I guess if you are going to last over a thousand years as a power you get those privileges.

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#4 [url]

Feb 15 12 5:12 AM

Great idea, i really hope, sooner or later, that one plastic kit like this for byzantines will be release!

Would be great, after seen your plastic vikings kit, i could literally :Q_  for this! 

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