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Feb 10 09 4:17 PM

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Feb 13 09 5:25 AM

I know many gamers and collectors will stick to popular armies, which, in my opinion, are already abonduntly available.
I'm also convinced that many gamers (as I) are interested in ereas of history which aren't so well know and available(I was glad to see somebody suggested 13th century samurai, as the bulk of the armies are always 16th century).
With this suggestion I tried to fill in a niche.

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Feb 13 09 6:26 AM
This is a Toba cataphract.
Leather was their favourite armour. This could be lacquered with several different coats of paint after which symbols were engraved at the desired colour (very coulourful).
The flap which is hanging between the rider's left leg and the flank of his horse is a flap of armour (apart from the stiff side armour) to protect the front of his legs. In this way the whole leg was protected.
Here he wears a metal helmet. I would choose for a leather helmet covered with lamellae as can be seen on a Toba figurine (see black and white photo in the photo-map). This figurine has also a neck collar, so here we again have the choise between having a collar or wearing a leather 'shawl' as in the Osprey picture.

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#5 [url]

Feb 13 09 6:34 AM
Xiongnu warrior.
The armoured boots he's wearing are interesting. They could also have been used by Xianbei cataphracts (remember that the Tang, who were their successors, also had armoured boots).
I don't know if it's possible, but maybe the Xianbei figure can be equiped with 2 different boots(or legs).

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#6 [url]

Feb 13 09 7:44 AM

They're all interesting looking. I might buy them, if the final sculpts please my eye. I'm with kenshin68 on exotics.  I also buy mainstream stuff, but really not more than non-mainstream items. Having bought a box of Victrix plastic british napoleonics, I'm not planning to buy anyone elses soon for example. Now chinese or japs I don't have, so I might still go after those.

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#9 [url]

Jun 3 09 1:24 AM

Shouldn't this entry be moved to The Far East category?


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