May 2 13 8:44 PM

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I'm placing this suggestion here, as it is really a suggestion for a general product that would apply to every category.
I, like many here, am a kit basher, and modder. I'm sure all would agree that WGF has given all of us kit bashers many great kits and minis to fall under our knives, and arise as new and unique creations, however, as with all other kits, no matter how well they are created by a manufacturer (and WGF does a very fine job creating their boxes) we often end up needing more of particular parts and bits than are included in a box.
This gets to the meat of what I would suggest here. I suggest that perhaps accessory kits that might perhaps be half boxes of particular parts should be created. I have an idea of how these boxes might be created, but I think, for now, I'll keep it to myself until I see how popular this idea might be, and until I see what other ideas people may have for carrying this out if it does seem popular.

Whatever you can do with finesse I can do more thoroughly with volume.