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Feb 12 09 6:43 PM

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Feb 13 09 4:00 AM

Nice idea,

I'd love this to go for troops to bulk out the army with 'cheap plastic', there is already a wide selection of 'command' figures out there, so multipart easily convertible grunts would be very useful.

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#3 [url]

Jun 4 09 12:27 PM

Hey, wasn't this entry for infantry, not for guys on horseback? wink

More seriously, would these guys differ from continental late Roman infantrymen with pointy sticks? Or could you just use same bunch of models for both purposes?


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#5 [url]

Jul 1 12 7:48 AM

Only in as much as the ones form the less Romanised north & west would look a bit more "Celtic" & all of them would get less Roman looking as time passed & the lowland kingdoms fell. They would also have a selection of rather civilian looking troops bare headed in fabric Panamanian caps,(low fez's) Pygian caps (gnome hats) & hooded poncho cloaks

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