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Feb 15 09 5:27 PM

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Feb 15 09 5:35 PM

   make sure there are enuf in civilian cloths so I can game Irish freedom fighters agianst the thrice  damned black and tans.

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May 25 09 8:19 AM

If these were generic enough to be used for revolting workers in Petrograd or Berlin, I'd definately be up for that idea. The Berlin risings of 1918-23 looked prety similar to the Easter Rising in Ireland and the Irish Civil War, from what I can tell.

It's possible that they could even be useful for Republican or Anarchist Militia for the War in Spain, thinking about it. Chaps (mostly chaps I guess) in baggy trousers, workboots, waistcoats and/or jackets, with flatcaps on... and rifles.

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Apr 24 10 5:35 PM

I (being part Irish!) have only recently become interested in this area for gaming purposes. I think plastics would be about the only way I would commit to doing it though. Good suggestion.

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Apr 27 10 5:05 AM

We don't have the description available in this thread anywhere, so I thought I'd add it (can't change the point-size I'm afraid):


SUBMITTED BY: Geoenginseer


SET DESCRIPTION: 6-8 minatures, one kneeling lower legs set for variation, poses inc. crouching and running, split bodies inhalf for maximum variation? With various heads (9) Weapons - mostly rifles - two types (Enfield and a single shot bolt action type?), one shotgun, (one arm with hand cupped for one mills bomb/slot for petrolbomb or grenade gun or signalling?) plenty of pistols, left and right handed, in style of 20's dress, rural mostly one smart suit (Jacket?) Attachable sling bags with 'items' in. Some trillby hats/flat caps/fop caps to add to variation (will require head chopping a bit to achieve?) These would do for several systems and be multi functional with open hands and plastic attachable weapons. Possibly a range for Black and Tans, and Late WW1 infantry.

REFERENCE MATERIALS: Wikipedia - pictures of IWI Tom Barry - Gurrilla days in Ireland


It occurs to me that making sure this sprue could work with the 'Pulp Gangsters' sprue would be a way of increasing the appeal of both.

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#6 [url]

Apr 27 10 10:22 AM

Wonderful, because they can be used along side the american prohibition and the early days of the gangsters of the 30s. I'd buy them just to be able to use them as citizens of Newport Ky. during the Steel workers battles with the state guard, and the citizens battles with the state guard with the added bonus of more gang land style figures.

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May 21 13 6:34 AM

Let me add a request to this excellent idea.  When this was begun the Very British Civil War had not taken off.  Now it is going great guns.  Moreover there is still interest in the Spanish Civil War.  So a box of 1920-1940 civilians would be very popular.  Geoengineer has gotten off to a great start but if it carries up to 1930's some more weapons are needed.  A BAR, a Lewis Gun, Tommy Gun, and an MP28.  Also more head options, bowler and straw hats, along with fedoras and caps.

This would be a great seller.  Also consider a set of women fighters for the era.

Note that the Very British Civil War has games with large units so folks would buy multiple sets.


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