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May 22 13 12:16 PM

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I was just looking at the excellent (but expensive) Eiskern Stormtroopers and I was wondering about using the accessory set to add some more options to the shock troops.  For instance the rifle would seem to work well as the SAW option I wanted for the shock troops.  I was thinking that a squad or two of the Stormtroopers would work well as elite types alongside the regular shock troops.

Has anybody tried using the alternative arms from the accessory set on the shock trooper bodies.

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May 22 13 3:27 PM

Only expensive in relation to WGF minis, but versus just about any other line, still quite reasonable. I have a box of 20, the weapons might look slightly small with Great Coats, but they look slightly large with other true scale 28mm. I suppose Dreamforge is going for a mid-scale that will match well with both true scale, and heroic. They've accomplished this nicely, except when comparing weapons.

Whatever you can do with finesse I can do more thoroughly with volume.

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May 22 13 9:24 PM

I have used the arms on the body from the Heavy Weapons set along with Eisenkern legs, produced a very sharp looking figure.

I am quite behind on posting pictures on my models, will work on fixing that shortly!


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May 23 13 11:53 PM

I'd say there expensive compared to most plastic ranges, discounting GW and Privateer Press whose pricing is in the never buy column for me. grin

Another option may be the Em4 Miniatures metal arms which I remember fitting onto a shock trooper I experimented with in the past, replacing the arms on the Shock Troops seems to help reduce the bulk of the Shock Troops.......also I never been a fan of some of the weapon choices with the Shock Troopers.

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May 24 13 4:08 PM

I am thinking with all the experience WGF has gained over the past few short years, the Shock Troops should be re tooled. There is so much potential in them now with some significant effort, imagine if redone to the the same standard as the newest releases?

Still playing with both the Shock Troops and Eisenkern, between both I am sure I can do great things :)

Redo the Shock Troops WGF!

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May 24 13 8:03 PM

A retool of the Shock Troops could be a good idea. Me thinks one thing that they could benefit from would be separating torso from legs for just an extra touch more versatility, and perhaps a little bit of a reworking of the weapons, also (I am one of those who actually like my miniature's weapons to have a resemblance to real weapons... at least in the respect to having identifiable functioning parts, like ejection ports and such).

I might get in trouble, as it seems I've been mentioning this on a few various threads, but I also think it might be a good idea to look toward perhaps making accessory packs for a few certain lines. Yes, we have the Bits Bazaar, and there are a few shops that part out kit (Hoard o' Bits, gotta love 'em when you need bits for a project), but even with those sources there are still parts that are either difficult to find, or that don't exist which would make some certain lines just that much better, or give them that much more flexibility.

I dunno, maybe I'm just wasting wind and I'm the only one who thinks this would be a good idea. If anyone else thinks this might be a good thing then check out my post in the LAUL under "Other Submissions". The actual post is "Accessory Sprue Boxes". Ask questions and I'll explain what I mean more in depth.

Whatever you can do with finesse I can do more thoroughly with volume.

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Jun 2 13 11:48 PM

Okay after a lot of effort I chased down some of the Defiance Marines to use as either light infantry for the shock troops or as opponents......damn hard to find anybody stocking the damn things.

Anyway, I may pick a box of or two of shock troopers and a Eisenkern accessory set and see what they look like. Only problem with Eisenkern accessory set is the small number of weapons on it (2 smgs, 2 smgs/gl & 4 rifles), althrough you do get a lot of the over sized AT weapon.

I do think WF missing out on not doing a accessory set of their own, the Shock Troops especially would benefit from some alternative heads, arms, weapons and other bits.

Also I wish WF would take a look at producing the mid tech infantry submission......colonial marines, mobile infantry (film), imperial guard etc  there are a lot of uses for this type of figure. 

Okay looking inthe sci-fi submissions the mid tech infantry was deleted at some point.

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