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May 30 13 6:18 AM

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just a real quick note here (and in the War & Conquest forum) to say we are now working on a set of army lists for this specific period.
Drafts of French and British, are done, (thanks John!) and are about to be checked through by myself, and then we will start on the other nations.

Once the first lists are complete, we will then produce some rosters to work with the WF box sets.

I will post once the first of the lists are online.

War & Conquest already has over 500 free army lists online including many for the horse and musket period, so do check them out!

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Jun 2 13 7:26 AM

You can find plenty of battle reports and information in the War & Conquest section of the Scarab Miniatures forum here

You will also find the army lists there.

Specific army rosters using Wargames Factory box sets can be found on their web site.

Via our yahoo group there was also a link to a Napoleonic battle posted on Lord Raglans blog.

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