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Jun 2 13 4:11 AM

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I'm new here and I like a lot WF rising sun range. I finished my first box of samurai on foot and almost finished cavalry. Let me know what you think please:

Some other samurai related stuff:

PS: Looks like I posted in the wrong section, sorry.

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Jun 2 13 8:54 AM

Welcome...  those look great. Be sure to post more 'when' you finish them as well.

Are you painting just for fun, or do you also game?  The vast majority of my work ends up boxed, but its fun so I keep at it.

Best of luck.

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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Jun 2 13 5:22 PM

Good work! This is one army I have always wanted to do, but keeps getting pushed back for other projects.

Mark Dewis

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Jun 7 13 4:48 AM


Welcome to our forums.

I agree, that is some really great painting on your WF samurai.

It would be great to see your samurai army when you get it all painted up.


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