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Jun 8 13 2:36 AM

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I'm working on some plastics at the moment and i'm thinking of going back to an old project idea.

I've always been a fan of the  Brotherhood of Steel from the Fallout games and i'm thinking that the Stormtroopers would make good Paladins for BOS.

Based around the Fallout Tactics game, I'm thinking Dreamforge Stormtroopers for Paladins in powered armour, Mongoose Mobile Infantry for Knights (with head swap) in evo-armour and Defiance Marines as Squires in combat armour.

I'm also thinking that the Shocktroopers could be NCR Rangers and mixing the survivors with WW2 Americans (and spare  bits from the marines) to make NCR infantry........ghouls and super mutants I'm thinking maybe Mantic's undead, orcs(fantasy and sci-fi versions) and with the trolls coming soon as well, super mutant behemoth.


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