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Feb 26 09 9:20 AM

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Is there going to be a line of near future/post apoc/zombie miniatures coming from WF?

I've held back from the L&LU stuff because of the whole shipping to the UK/Custom charges/Royal Mail added on charges thing, but i'm very exicted by the prospect of being able to buy the zombies from UK stockists. Anyway, I hoping that the zombies are only the first of many products available from WF for Post Apoc' gaming.


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Feb 26 09 9:46 AM

When they get the pics up, check out the Celts.  They'll make some sweet PA survivors & raiders.  Comes with tunic, bare chested, and chain mail armored torsos.  Only thing you'll have to do is fix the sandals.  
He's also mentioned putting up pics of Celt Zombies to show how the 2 sprues mix.
Hopefully, once people see how these turned out, they'll put in more pre orders for she-zombies, PA marauders, & PA mutants.

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Feb 26 09 10:15 AM

Just found out that my favorite site for plastic figures/kits is now stocking WF stuff (as well as the other hard plastic manufactures) now so I'll be picking some up in the near future (March hopefully, although I'll have to wait for the Celts and Zombies to become available)........I've been wondering about the Celts, i'm looking for some figures to base some Tribals and Raiders around.

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Feb 26 09 10:32 AM

Celts for Raiders, but Zulus for tribals!  Zulus are at 95% with only 50 pre-orders to go.
The facial structure on the Zulus has a distictly "African heritage" appearance, the hair does as well.  Add those heads to some of your other bodies and it'll give you some racial diversity. 
If the boxes come with more minis than you need, you could always trade some off to other PA gamers in the UK.

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Feb 26 09 6:24 PM

D'oh, can't believe I forgot to put in links to the she-Zs, marauders, and mutants!  I'll be kicked off the cheer squad for sure!
I hope alot of those you posted links to really kick off once people see how nice and fast the zombies came out.  The near future Islamic Rebels should be extremely useful.

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#6 [url]

Feb 27 09 5:33 PM

If the female zombies go into production maybe the horde pack should have 2 male and 2 female sprues (when they'r available), since there are only a few zombies in the cover picture there wouldn't be any need to change the packaging..
Where can I buy WF in Britain?, I have been dreading the £2 tax and £8 handling charge on my £15 of zombies.

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#7 [url]

Feb 27 09 7:36 PM

No worries Consectari, I had enough free time to post all the links, most other people dont! wink
Glad you are interested in the near-future Islamics too, I think they could be a fun multi-use sprue!
The Marauders, future armed Civilians, female zombies, and near-future Russians are all moving ahead slowly. Lets hope they all make 50% soon so we can see some sketches.
Sci-fi minis could end up being WF specialty!
The one sprue in SF I'm surprised isnt doing better is the generic future weapons sprue. That seems like it would be a good one to flesh-out all of the SF sprues, but then again I'm biased, because it was my suggestion!

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#8 [url]

Mar 13 09 9:05 PM

If we all started placing pre-orders for the Modern/Near Future Armed Civilians, at least we will have something to fight those nasty hordes of Zombies that are being delivered all around the world (by the various postal services).
A couple of us from the local club have pooled together and placed an order for 90 sprues.  Can I suggest everyone around the world convince their Friends United against the Zealot Zombies (or FUZZ for short) to place significant pre-orders.  Save the world before it is too *&^%$#)@ Arhhh, ZOMBIES are at the door!!

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May 29 11 6:00 PM

So, in answer to your question "Is there going to be a Post Apocalyptic figure line?" your answer is YES!  Now that we've got our new sculptor working on various projects (including WSS Cavalry, Samurai and Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons) we've had a major brainstorming session and 2-things came out of it.

  • 1- the need for Apocalypse survivors (Male, female, children and maybe dogs) - 8 or 10 figures on a sprue, basic weapons (hand guns, bats, axes, shovels, etc.) and a weapons sets with AK's, AR15's, SKS's, SMG's, Hunting Rifles, Shotguns, Samurai Swords, with male and female arms holding the weapons. 
  • 2- new Zombies (male, female and children).  Parts interchangable with survivors ('cause zeds are just life-challenged humans with an eating disorder, right?)
Hopefully later this year. 

Alea iacta est, good gaming - Lonnie Mullins Head of Product Development, Research & Design Wargames Factory

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#15 [url]

Sep 22 11 6:32 AM

you know, a do-it-yourself motorized vehicle would be cool for post apocalypse.  Make it very basic with a bare frame so you can add the various body options yourself to create a 'unique' vehicle.  The body parts could range from a fast car to a slow moving freight puller or anything in between with the mixing and matching that may take place.   With the death of mass-refined fuel would come the creation of home brewed fuel and the home brewed vehicles to match it.    Should I submit that idea?  I am reluctant since all of my prior submissions never get past 5 or 10 votes...

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Posts: 1,429

#16 [url]

Sep 22 11 12:41 PM

While I think it would be "a challenge" to put it mildly, to put the basic frame AND so many parts to build anything from a "fast car to a slow moving freight puller" in just one box set.
I think that would require two sets, a "You Built It Apocalyptic car" and later a "...Apocalyptic light truck" set.

The main thing is this..  SUBMIT the idea.. you say your prior sub's have only gotten 5 -10 votes. Well thats 5 to 10 "times" more than my "Jaguar Warriors" submission.

While I would dearly love to see something "I inspired" become real, I just think my Jaguars, like the "Anubis" army someone else submitted at one time, would simply be a cool fantasy army.
But hit or miss. "I Tried."

What the hell, at this point I might as well go all the way at sounding like an old man giving a speach..

"The ONLY way to know for a fact of the out come of any desire of your heart, is to do absolutley nothing. That way you can be certain, "Nothing IS exactly what you will get in return."

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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#17 [url]

Sep 23 11 3:34 AM

Jaguar warriors will take on an entirely new value if we can ever get conquistadors in the mix, haha.   
    There is the 'stand alone' box sets, like great coat sci fi infantry.   Those are cool enough on their own to make a splash.      Then there are the box sets that are complimentary or a component to something else.    I think the Jaguar Warrior idea is awesome, they just aren't tied in yet, much like any of these post apocalypse ideas I had.

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#20 [url]

Dec 12 11 3:44 PM

Hello Modelhunter,

Currently no official announcements have been made regarding our plans for post apocalyptic figures. In the past we have discussed products in the very beginning stages. Some prematurely, as development schedules change for a myriad of reasons. 

It is current Wargames Factory policy to refrain from releasing future product details until we have announced it officially. 

We thank you for your interest and recommend you subscribe to our Facebook page or check or website for future product announcements.

Wargames Factory Customer Service

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