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Dec 31 13 6:00 AM

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So in the post zombie apocalypse world what would be the best breed of dog to increase the chances for human survival, and why?

Now same question only this is an apocalypse brought on by humans/natural disaster/aliens and why?

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Dec 31 13 12:43 PM

There's good eating on a Saint Bernard. But you'd have to FEED it too...

But I'd probably go with a ratting dog like a Jack Russell Terrier. You can always rely on the rat supply.

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Jan 7 14 5:15 PM

You do make a good point, unfortunately, on both. But then again, this also depends and goes on the assumption that unlike the Will Smith film, "I am legend.", when his beloved German Shepard "Sam" was bitten by another "infected" dog and she too contracted the biological agent and "turned". As I said, assuming dogs (God willing) would be immune to what ever 'bio-fubar' humanity lets loose.
Just a side note; I do believe "Legend" was a rewrite of the 70's Charlton Heston film, entitled IIRC, "The Omega Man" But I really enjoyed both.

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