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Mar 8 09 10:05 AM

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I found this excellent blog about modern zombie hordes - some nice inspiration for painting.


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Oct 11 10 9:02 AM

How are you painting Zombies?
I have a Mantic Zombie Horde and some Wargames Factory Zombies.
I am planning to

1. Spray them black (GW Chaos Black)
2. Damp brush them with stone (GW Foundation)
3. Wash them using GW washes (green, blue, grey, purple)
4.  Add highlights / paint clothing.

What do you do?

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Oct 11 10 9:19 AM

i usually spray zombies and other guts-on-the-outside types with a deep red basecoat.  if you use a light wetbrush or heavy drybrush for your flesh color, it leaves a nice gory color in the crevices.  black or green is just as good, though if you want a putrified or gangreneous undertone to the lil buggers.

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Nov 15 12 2:57 AM

great link mick! Black is a great base, I then will go with a purple, redish brown, or a blue hue as a second dry/ wet brush base. it's all a matter of how rotted you want them to be. after that the pallet is pretty forgiving. just use still from the movies especially Zombie / Living Dead series and non zombie movies with piles of the dead.

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Nov 15 12 4:18 AM

I have seen people get really nice results with a white basecoat (spray primer) and then lots of watery ink washes of many different colors. They tend to blur together into generic brown, but there is nice variation. Then, you can pick out wounds with some red-black, and then do the heavy drybrush / wetbrush with a dirty gray. Then, just get details.

It's a similar idea to what is above, but you can get the ugly putrefaction colors with greens and yellows in the ink wash.

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Nov 15 12 12:54 PM

I tend to paint mine in an all pale brown or fleshy base depending on how fresh the are and how much flesh is exposed.

I then either 'work in' painting the flesh on top of the pale brown base, or 'work out' painting clothing on top of the flesh base should the figure be more flesh than clothing.

After either method, I start to apply washes followed by the hair and gore. Wounds, protruding bones etc. Another suitable wash is then applied to these areas before the next (often final) highlight for Z's that will form a mob or horde. They're normally a pretty dark and dirty 'fresh from the grave look'.

Eyes (normally just white as if 'rolled upwards') then a shade beneath the eyes, often a slightly darker colour than the skin, alternatively a blueish grey/purple. This is purely to emphasize the white eyes.

Then I work on the bases.

The only exceptions to the above rule of thumb seem to have been the Zombie Vixens I've acquired recently. I find that as they are modern civilians(something I've never really painted before), the colours for clothing are often cleaner and brighter. 

Sure there's blood stains and gore with some dirt and dark washes, but few of the figures have that 'I've been in the ground sometime' look, they look like relatively fresh kills that have been bitten and become walkers.

With the exception of the figure of the lady Z in the long cocktail dress, few of the figs have been painted anything other than a paler version of the regular flesh colours I use for my living Caucasian figures.So far out of the 12 or so figs I painted last week before them being boxed away for storage during the move, 3 are pale grey/rotting flesh, the rest are a variety of very pale flesh coloured.

I can't wait to be settled in the new place and get my paints out again. As we're moving to my other half's parents for between 1-6 weeks (argh!) I fear I may go nuts without being able to paint. Not only that even internet access may be limited so please don't think I've given up the ghost or I am being rude. 

I miss painting already.....

Is there anything you can't combine with the Persian figs?

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Nov 15 12 2:04 PM

I'm with you Potter.  I'm working full time, going to school full time, and trying to raise 4 kids all while keeping the Ms. happy.  It is hard for me to find any time to paint.  If only I had more time. 

Good luck at the in-laws.  I've been there done that..  All I can say is... Good luck.  Oh and always (can't stress the always enough) knock on the bathroom door before you enter...  Trust me, you don't want to live with that image running trough your mind for the rest of your life.

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Nov 20 12 2:55 AM

Oh and always (can't stress the always enough) knock on the bathroom door before you enter...  Trust me, you don't want to live with that image running trough your mind for the rest of your life.


Hubby shaking, walking from the inlaws bathroom, contemplating gouging out his eyes.

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