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Apr 3 09 4:03 PM

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Aug 17 09 9:17 PM


SUBMITTED BY:  Lasgunpacker


SET DESCRIPTION: This sprue would have four bodies, two female, two male, dressed in Holy
Roman Empire/Northern Italian styled clothing from the early 1500?s era.
Females would have clothes made slightly more ?practical? for
adventuring, hence the fantasy aspect. Generaly, figures should look
like professionals seeking adventure. Bodies would be one piece, arms,
heads, and hands separate when possible. Weapons would include staves,
bows, primitive pistols, wands, swords of various types and knives.
Accessories would include packs, rope, lanterns, purses etc, as might be
carried by someone of that era when traveling.

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Aug 21 12 10:16 PM

I'd go for these. I miss the generic 'adventurer' style figure.
The closest in plastic these days to the archetype would be GW's Empire Freeswords/militia or Empire soldiers, but I can't think of any female adventurer types in plastic.

For me, these wouldn't be used solely for RPG's as single figures, but also as whole units of both male and female troops. Either as defenders or looters bent on plunder. Hmm pirates even!

I remember an idea years ago (in the mid eighties iirc) by GW when they had a thieves/vagabond range released at the time of the C1 Fighters, of a thieves army setting out to loot towns and cities.I'm pretty sure they were listed in the Citadel Journal featuring the Revenge (or was it Return) of the Lichemaster, the scenario when Skaven were first introduced and the WHFB story of the Monastery of La Maison Taal. I like the idea of these being used as fantasy Conquistadors also.

Good idea for a range.

Is there anything you can't combine with the Persian figs?

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