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Apr 9 09 5:42 PM

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Apr 11 09 10:12 AM

We are talking 28mm plastic minies....correct? I would like a unit on 10 or 12. I found one metal one with two wings.....20-30 years ago. Anyway a unit of them sounds good.

I am therefore I think....OR....I think therefore I am...OR...I think I am therefore I am!!

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Apr 20 10 11:37 PM

A minor technical question, if the frame has:
one horse
    presumably in two pieces, 
a rider:
    lower body, 
    upper body, 
    head and a variant, 
    three arms, one a weapon variant,
    two wings.
This makes one frame per cavalry figure. Do we then expect a one or two frame set? The two frame set containing variations on all parts?


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#4 [url]

Apr 21 10 1:03 AM

Practical approach would probably involve using separate frames for the riders and horses. That way the same horse frame can be shared over multiple different boxed sets, like has been done with the Celt/Roman/German cavalry/chariots.

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