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May 4 09 4:23 PM

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May 4 09 6:10 PM


SUBMITTED BY: Jive Professor


SET DESCRIPTION: Warriors from the heavens! Angels with a selection of feathery wings,
burning swords, spears, bows, axes, and variant heads (including long
hair, screaming battle cries, and framed by halos). Either clothed in
long flowing robes, shining breastplates and helms, or a mixture of the
two. Additional pieces might include arms holding blaring trumpets,
scrolls, and large grimoires.

REFERENCE MATERIALS: Stained glass depictions of Revelations and the End Times, specifically
angels like Michael and Gabriel

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#2 [url]

May 4 09 6:18 PM

So bad ass dude angles of death?

I think Templar style Armour could be considerably cool.

Thow this works better with wings on a separate spruce.... Right now it sounds like we're looking at what? 1-2 guys per spruce!

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#4 [url]

May 4 09 6:27 PM

Ture enough.

So I'm thinking something like a Knight Templar. Sept with out the Templar symbols, and plat Armour over top of the robes. Make the robes more long and flowing and stuff of course for a more "divine" look.

*Helmets optional*

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#6 [url]

May 5 09 11:39 AM

I'm thinking the option for helmets, heads with short hair, and Heads with long flowing hair.

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#7 [url]

May 6 09 7:43 PM

Darn someone beat me to this one!

Put me down for 5, I think there's a lot of deamnd for plastic feathered wings and this is a good excuse to make them.

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#10 [url]

Jun 22 11 8:06 PM

Have not seen this before... some time ago i tried to start my own, aparently thats why it dont gone to the list, my concept is the fallowing;
Set Description
Angel warriors. Womans and mans with wings, dressing long tunics and light armor pieces, with weapon options for lances, swords, shields, maces and bows (no axes). All relatively "holy" (without any reference to real religions, but with a bright theme). Propesed as Medieval Fantasy, but usable in sci-fi, maybe with some extra weapons and armor pieces, more high-tech-like. All models in "flying" poses, dinamic or standing. Typicals "mid air" poses. The set could include some extras: like 1 piece cherubins, harps and other "angel related" things.
Reference Material Suggestions
Anywhere around internet... type angel in google images, and stay on the ones with tunic. Preferable feminine look...

I really dont want Male angels, with big muscles and all, as i dont like the armor ideia. In my view, angels are like the daeva from D&D (except they dont have green skin, and have hair). That is mid age girls, dressing robes, with beutifull wings and small pieces of armor (bracers, shoulder pads, light breast plates). It shame it dont gone more than 1%... 

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#11 [url]

Jun 23 11 8:43 AM

We're in the process of updating the L & U League now and we'll have your submission up (and all pending submissions) by June 30. 

A lot has changed; you're "ordering" boxes now, not sprues.  Everything must be 28mm.  Minimum is 500-box sets before we go into production.  Maximum one person can order is 9-boxes (so the numbers are harder to skew - we had several submissions with 500-sprues to one person which is absurd).  We still have to have 100-unique potential buyers (so 500 boxes with 100 people saying that they'll buy them when available). 

There's also a time limit.  You have 1-year from the time of submission posting to get it to 100% but we may be reviewing it at the 3 & 6-month mark; things that aren't climbing will be killed so you need to solicit your friends. 

Guidelines - 28mm/1:48th scale.  Infantry 25 to 30-figures.  Small War Machines - 3 + Crew.  Cavalry - 12-figures.  Large War Machines (elephants, tanks, etc.) 1 to 2-figures.  All prices should read $19.95 or there abouts (minimum $19.95).

There may be some other rules that we'll add but that's all I can think of for now.  Later on we may open this up to other scales as well. 

Thanks for the submission! 

Alea iacta est, good gaming - Lonnie Mullins Head of Product Development, Research & Design Wargames Factory

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