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Jun 26 09 6:11 PM

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The description of the Zulu sprue states that it includes 6 married and 6 married heads. What's the difference ?

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Jun 26 09 6:23 PM

Hi Adam - Married guys wove a ring into their hair. In the picture above - the heads on the bottom right are married (as is the single head about 1/3 from the left on bottom)

The two heads on the far left are leaders in feather headresses - also married.

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Jun 10 10 6:46 AM

Hi there!

Its nice to have a choice of heads! - just in case you didnt know...

(1)Married and unmarried heads should not normally be mixed in the same regiment (Except in a couple of instances, like 1 regiment at Rorkes Drift.
(2) Most regiments were unmarried, Marriage was usually granted to a regiment by the king when they were in their late 30s to 40s. It was in the kings gift alone to allow marriage. Unmarried regiments were on a rota of dedicated service to the king, married regiments were only mustered in national emergencies.

Hope this is useful?

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Jun 10 10 7:53 AM

Hey Adam, you might want to get your hands on the June 2010 Wargames Illustrated.  There is a very interesting article on an African tribe related to the Zulu's, called the Matabele, who's Chief broke away from Shaka, and how they fought the Zulu's, British and Dutch to form their own kingdom in what is today's Rowanda.  North Star miniatures just recently released a range of Matabele, which is the reason for the article.  Some of those figures could be used as Zulus, and if playing a battle prior to the split between the two tribes, they make excellent related tribal infantry, as they use shields and weapons based upon Shaka's Zulu fighting style.  Generally speaking, the only differences are shield color and some warriors wore black ostrich feathers made into a ball as a type of cap denoting their rank.  After the split the weapons changed a bit (they look really nasty and deadly with mult-spiked spears and a chopping axe that makes most Fantasy-style axes look like play things), but everything else stayed the same.

Hope that helps!


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