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Jul 22 09 5:55 AM

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Someone had mentioned the scarcity of Zombie related miniatures games, in the SciFi Greatcoat thread. I didn't wan't to derail that thread so I moved the discussion here to a new topic. I found 17 Zombie based wargames in about 30 seconds of Googling surprise

Apocalypse Z                     
Blight Of the Living Dead    FREE
Zombie Escape                   FREE
Dead Of Night

Free War Games Rules


Zombie Board Games

I've always had a love of Zombie films. It all started when I was 14 and went to see The Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Besides watching Zombie flicks I also like gaming the era. This is a list of my favourite zombie games:

Dawn Of The Dead - original boardgame of the film which was commercial published but now available free on the web here.

Dead Of Night - free web boardgame with outstanding production values and a good game to boot. Available from designers page.

Last Night On Earth - a new commercial boardgame that is getting very good reviews and is on my wish list. From Flying Frog Productions.

Zombie Plague : Free downloadable boardgame from Fortress games. Somewhat reminiscent of the Dawn of the Dead board game, on one team are the humans, while on the other are the zombies.

Mall Of Horror - commercial boardgame by Nexus.Each player controls 3 characters: a blond girl, a big guy and a dude with a gun. They must escape the zombies by locking themselves in the stores.

Blight of the Living Dead - Free miniature game available here. A set of miniature rules for a Fantasy Zombie Slaughter Fest

Dead Walk Again - free miniature rules from here. A set of tabletop rules inspired by the ever-growing number of zombie movies which pitches a small group of heroes against hordes of zombies.

Zombies!!! commercial boardgame by Twilight Creations which has spawned 5 expansions and has great plastic figures.

ZombieTown commercial boardgame by Twilight Creations which is a spin off of Zombies!!!.

Dead & Alive - solitaire free zombie game available from Boardgamegeek.

Send More Brains - an attempt to capture the flavour of zombie movies in a fun, fast-playing miniatures game (FREE). Available here.

And when you have finished all your Zombie gaming I recommend reading World War Z the official history of the Zombie Wars by Max Brooks.

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Jul 22 09 5:32 PM

Great compilation - well done!

"Don't try to make babies with your own roleplay character - it always ends in pain & shame" - Advice I never thought I'd have to give once, let alone TWICE!!

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Aug 27 09 2:42 PM

Dont for get one of the best Zombie games out there. All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames. Currently in its Second Edition, it has one expansion out already and a second one on the way. Two Hour Wargames also has a Zombie Racing gage called Dead Heat, in this game you have the zombies and then you have baiters who try to lead their zombie to the finish line before any other zombie gets there.

If you go with Worldworks Games cardstock terrain , they have a zombie game, Zombie Manor, in the Shellendrak Manor set, and I believe they also have a Zombie Manor 2 in the Wildwoods Grove set.

If I were to sit down and compile a list I could easily make a long post of various Zombie games, both free and ones you have to pay for, unfortunately I dont have the free time to do this right now.

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#4 [url]

Sep 2 09 10:06 PM

I'll second All Things Zombie!  Two Hour Wargames has a really great system!

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Sep 11 09 4:12 PM

I just purchased DEAD HEAT: PROFESSIONAL ZOMBIE RACING from 2 hour wargames.

It looks like alot of fun. Each player controls a zombie, a human baiter, and bets on the race.

FNG Cover It was the dawn of a new age. The age of the Zombie. An age where the undead walked the earth instilling fear into all. All except for those few intrepid souls that could "think outside the box". Like Jim Bob Joe Hobbs and his younger brother Warren. The founders of ...

DEAD HEAT - Professional Zombie Racing

Zombie racing! Just saying it causes you to say "What the?! When some were saying "Why?" Jim Bob Joe was saying "Why not?"
Civilizations have always been judged by their sports. Since before the gladiatorial contests in ancient Rome man has been defined by his sport of choice.
Zombie racing. What more can you say?
Dead Heat is competitive on two levels. Not only can players race the Zeds they can bet on them too! But wait there's more!
Marvel (laugh your butt off) as highly trained Zombies (the fresher the better) streak down the track (okay shuffle) in quest for the gold (dinner). But these finely tuned athletes (hungry) aren't alone. Each Zombie is assisted by a loyal trainer (baiter) who desires only to share in their triumph (make a buck) all in the name of glory (because they have no other marketable skills.)
Professional zombie racing ...the name says it all!

I plan on making a 3D track and using WGF Zombies as racers. I'll post some pics once I have them.

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Sep 16 09 2:59 PM

I spent about 8 hours on Saturday racing Zombies... now I'm pumped and ready for All Things Zombie.

I was debating just making a zomie apocalypse scenario for WAR ENGINE/SHOCKFORCE, but I think if I did that my players would want to use all their old SHOCKFORCE figs, and I just don't want to see undead  cowboys, mystically powered native Americans, and mutants fighting zombies.

Now I'm really itching for the Armed Civilains sprue to use and my Zombie Apocalypse survivors.

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#11 [url]

Sep 19 09 4:40 PM

A game where you walk around with an army blasting zombies in a 40k style would not work well, unless you had a lot of variety with the zombies such as zombie dogs, huge zombies and some war machines and half robotic zombies. Then it would be like tyranids meets DOOM or something like that.

A better approach with the models that are already there would be to make the game simple but tactical in a SPACE HULK type fashion. I have played necromunda missions where all you do is walk around blasting zombies. They really suck.

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#12 [url]

Sep 19 09 5:01 PM

My immediate thought would be any game where you are killing zombies is a good game, but with the variety out there nobody wants "really sucks". So Zombie games are a little limited.  Its hard to use zombies for more than cannon foder in my Lost and The Damned army. I like the picture though, an IG trooper kicking ass with a shotgun.

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#13 [url]

Sep 20 09 11:57 AM

40K rules would be kinda vanilla for blasting zombies.
I bought All Things Zombie and I'm looking forward to running a Necromunda like campaign were survivors battle it out for resources with each other and the zombies. Will probably be using Necromunda gangers and Imperial Guard models.

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#16 [url]

Sep 20 09 2:42 PM

I promise you necromunda style rules with zombies gets boring pretty fast.

The reason you have two fairly equal gangs in necromunda is in order to make the game tactical and worth playing. If you want to play necromunda/40k style zombie games you would need to flesh out the zombies and make them in some way equal to the humans. In which case why not just use existing rules? eg. scavvies.

The thing I'm trying to point out is that if you really want to capture the zombie movie theme ie. hordes of brainless troops stalking you through corridoors whilst you try to blast them off, then space hulk is a much better basis for the rules.

I will explain why:

1. TIMER. Space hulk is timed, unlike necromunda, which creates tension and haste (like a real zombie movie). This makes it much more challenging than merely blasting away slow targets like in necromunda.

2. AMMUNITION. Certain weapons run out of ammunition fast in space hulk. Conserving ammunition adds to the tension and difficulty.

3. BLIPS. In Space Hulk the enemies are revealed by hidden blips. This makes the game very tactical for both sides as the baddies try to create multiple threats and the goodies try to work out how fast to proceeed. Again this adds to the speed and tension and sense of oppresiveness, just like a real zombie film.

Necromunda/40k style games really are not perfect for the whole zombie thing. They do not capture the tension of the genre, and nor would they even with tweaking. It is a one sided battle for both sides. The zombies run forwards, whilst the humans stand behind cover blasting them away. The only improvement I can think of is to add objectives and a timer, and proper missions.

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#17 [url]

Sep 20 09 2:48 PM

Think Russian military in gas masks wondering through dissused and dodgy nuclear powerbases. Walking through long corridoors with parts of a nuclear weapon in their hands, whilst mutant zombies hunt them down in the dark. They can't see the zombies, and they are running out of ammo. They must bring the nuclear weapon to safety before the zombies attack them.

Click here to view the attachment

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#18 [url]

Sep 20 09 3:02 PM

Or, I could just play All Things Zombie and skip the whole messy banging square pegs into round holes part. wink

Tight spaces, time constraints, and limited ammo could basically be added to any game, including Necromunda, for the appropriate feel.

Think Russian military in gas masks wondering through dissused and dodgy nuclear powerbases. Walking through long corridoors with parts of a nuclear weapon in their hands, whilst mutant zombies hunt them down in the dark. They can't see the zombies, and they are running out of ammo. They must bring the nuclear weapon to safety before the zombies attack them.

That makes a really cool setting to play in, and it doesn't need all that many special rules.

  • Time Limit - 2 hours/20 turns before the bomb goes off
  • Blips - add one every turn, move under certain circumstances
  • Limted Ammo - Big guns/flame throwers have limited shots, regular guns test for ammo
Some appropriate terrain and a bucket load of zombies and your golden.

Acutally, that scenario sounds soo good I'm going to use it.

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#19 [url]

Sep 20 09 7:10 PM

One of my favouriote scenarios in Necromunda was throwing all of the gangs juves into the zombie pit and trying to get them to escape!!

"Don't try to make babies with your own roleplay character - it always ends in pain & shame" - Advice I never thought I'd have to give once, let alone TWICE!!

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#20 [url]

Sep 21 09 10:55 AM

I second Adamsouza, instead of trying to make a mess with converting 40K/Necormunda into a zombie game go with one of the already published zombie games. The top one on the list as I already mentioned previously and Adamsouza just mentioned is All Things Zombie, theres actually a couple versions of it, ATZ, and ATZ-Better Dead Than Zed (ATZ2), and soon to be released from Lock and Load Publishing is ATZ the Boardgame (slated to be back from the publisher and in the warehouse around Halloween). You could also go and get the Rebel Minis game Red Ops 5 which uses ATZ1 as the base for the rules. Another game is Zombie Plague, while the setting is limited, its a fun game and there are various expansions and new gameboards out there for it. Zombie Apocalypse, Marines vs. Zombies, and Dead of Night are also all decent games. Sorry I dont have any links, not on the computer I have the links all saved on.

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