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Sep 21 09 1:09 PM

Interesting discussion, I like a lot of things, timing the moves, limited ammo, and endless zeds!

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Nov 9 09 8:07 AM

Yeah, the charts look daunting, but they pretty much all break down to

Pass 2D ,you succeed
Pass 1D, you half succeed
Pass 0D, you fail

After 2 sessions the only time I use the charts is when I'm determinig what's in a building, what loot, and rolling up random humans.

Pass 2D ,you kill it
Pass 1D, you knock it down
Pass 0D, you draw

10+ you hit it pretty much no matter what
9+ you hit it when their is one modifier
8+ you hit it if their are no modifiers

Stars ignore half of the psychology tests. If your star has inspired leader, your grutns can use his results, which he just decides on, instead of rolling.

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#26 [url]

Nov 9 09 8:54 AM

Such a good game [image]


What does the girl have to do with the game? Or is it the fact that I'm turning into a Zombie staring at her?

..oh wait, she's holding a book...

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Nov 9 09 9:12 AM

You don't even need a game master in the conventional sense. I sorta GM, where I determine the scenario we're going to play and make rules calls, but everyone moves and resolves zombies. I mostly handle NPC humans, when they show up. If they joing the group I hand them out to the other players. 

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Nov 9 09 9:13 AM

What does the girl have to do with the game? Or is it the fact that I'm turning into a Zombie staring at her?..oh wait, she's holding a book...


hmm.... your right she is holding a book, took me a couple seconds too :P

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Nov 9 09 6:35 PM you, you.....receive the game box holder too? I just may have to look for that game. I've got an opponent who has units of zombies in his undead army. I don't know if he has checked out the WF versions.

I am therefore I think....OR....I think therefore I am...OR...I think I am therefore I am!!

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Nov 21 09 4:07 PM

You know if you really wanted a more suspenseful game, you could use the Chain Reaction 3.0 rules about Possible Enemy Forces, so you  may think there is one zombie but there ends up being like 15 or so.  Good for gaming in those dark alleys and warehouses.

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Jan 26 10 8:57 AM

SOTR 1949 by westwind productions is my current favourite zombie game. ATZ is the best all purpose rules set IMO, but SOTR combines nazis and zombies!

"It is warm work; and this day may be the last to any of us at a moment. But mark you! I would not be elsewhere for thousands." Nelson

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Jan 28 10 12:02 PM

Last Night on Earth, while a board game, is kind of open ended, and can easily be used for any kind of miniature zombie game. It uses a combination of very simple combat dice system and cards. Some great cards too. Playing the game will remind you of every cheap schock B-rate movie ever done about zombies. It has become my favorite over the years.

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Sep 28 10 11:34 PM

I know its a couple weeks late but Two Hour Wargames has finally released the third book for All Things Zombie, I, Zombie. This one introduces a couple new baddies for you ATZ games, Ragers, Smarties and BA Worms.

The Ragers are humans who where infected (and still living) by the Z-Virus and given the governments cure the Lazarus Virus, which was supposed to nullify the Z-Virus, but unfortunately it caused the infected into rage filled killing machines (thing the infected in 28 Days/28 Weeks Later). A Rager will attack both humans and zombies equally, they dont care.

Now Smarties are Smart Zombies. These guys are the result of the Z-Virus/Lazarus Virus mutation in a Rager mixing with that of a regular zombie. This cocktail results in the Z-Virus in the normal zombie causing some mutations, theres limited regeneration of brain tissue and possibly muscle and other body tissues regenerating. Smart Zombies (also known as Smarties) remember what it was like before the outbreak, and they long for that life. They are no longer concerned with eating living humans but with survival.

Finally we get to the BA Worms, Big @$$ Worms. Thing the Graboids from the Tremors movies and you have a good idea of what these buggers are. They like the Ragers are and equal opportunity enemy, they dont care if your a Human, a Zombie, a Rager, a Car, a Horse, etc... if you move then you are food.

You also have a possible new character type that you can play, the Psy (you can also play as a Smartie if you wanted to). A Psy (also refered to as a Psyker by some ATZ players online) is a human in which the Lazarus Virus caused a mutation resulting in "Psychic" Powers ranging from being able to implant mental suggestions to being able to cause targets to burst into flames. The downside to these powers is that they use up the characters psychic eneregy.

In addition to the new baddies I, Zombie introducesin addition to the standard new rules, a new building system for creating building interiors, updates to existing rules, like a slight simplification/improvement(?) of Fast Move, along with Phobias and Quirks (think of these as some additional attributes). I, Zombie also incorporates the rules for using PEF (Possible Enemy Forces), lack of Sleep rules and the rules for Boats that were originally introduced to ATZ in the Giving Up the Goat scenario. Also introduced is a set of campaign rules focusing on the settlement of Lake Havasu City, AZ and the surrounding area, such as the NPC Barter Table, though these rules will work for almost any campaign setting you might decide to create,.

The Lake Havasu City campaign also introduces soem recreations for the survivors int he form of Zombei Racing (rules taken from the Dead Heat game by Two Hour Wargames) and Pit Fighting, which can be against Zombies, Smarties, Ragers or other Humans.

I have played a couple test games using the new Baddies and I have to say the Ragers are nasty, they wiped out two different teams of characters (Team 1: 3- Rep 5, 1- Rep 4 Team 2: 4- Rep 5). Ragers have the nasty habit of getting right back up and continuing on when knocked down (when a KD is scored they get up on their next activation and are able to move 6 inches), which isnt good, especially if you miss your activation the turn after knocking one down. I also played a couple games using BA Worms, these things are practically tanks, they can take just about everything you throw at them and still they keep coming. My characters only survived in one game and thats because they were able to get up onto a rock outcropping and continually snipe at the BA Worm, until one fo them finally scored that critical hit that sent the BA Worm running off, the other game the Characters were devoured, along with the Gangers they were fighting.

Overall I, Zombie is a good addition to ATZ, it sets up for campaigns taking place well after the original outbreak, where society has collapsed into isolated pockets of survivors scattered around the world. You might have a larger community like Lake Havasu City and then some smaller communities like Nowhere, NV (from Haven) anywhere from a couple dozen to a few hundred miles or so away, with some trade between them.

On a further note Two Hour Wargames also has slated for release early next year (if everythign works out) a Post Apocalypse game,  After the Horsemen. While this game is suppose to pick up where ATZ, Haven and I, Zombie left off, with humanity scattered and fighting day by day to survive, it is its own stand alone game, meaning if you want to use it with ATZ you will need to have a copy of the ATZ rules. You will be able to use After the Horsemen to play your own PA game world.

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#37 [url]

Sep 29 10 4:19 AM

I just finished up the zombie stats within Kaiju Kaos - The Miniatures Game.  I made slow-moving and fast-moving zombies so players can choose which to play.

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Sep 30 10 6:52 AM

I run a free game called "Dead Walk Again"  at  local conventions.  It is a great set of rules for running a large group of people thru a game.  I use a mix of 25mm figures, Clix conversions and O scale railroad buildings.  There is a Yahoo group for this game with links to making buildings and terrain for zombie and post- apocalypic games.  My only problem is finding civilian figures for the games. 

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#39 [url]

Dec 10 10 2:03 PM

Dead Walk Again looks pretty good. I joined teh Yahoo Group and read the ruels, but have yet to take it for a spin and kick the tires.

All Things Zombie is pretty solid, and it's greatest strength is the campaign rules. It's my favorite "out of the box" Zombie game, but I find the layout a bit wonky. Once you figure the game out it's great, but the first time you read through it you'll be flipping back and forth trying to find the right tables.

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