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Aug 2 09 10:12 AM

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Aug 3 09 12:20 PM

Myself Aztecs!!!! I'm planning on doing some VSF and Victorians versus Aztecs appeals for some reason.


Actually, this sounds good.  Since I play D&D, I've run into a number of odd combinations within my DM's home-brewed (and soon to be published) campain world.  He has a human land where the people are a mix of Ancient Egyptians and Aztecs, so I wouldn't mind seeing some Ancient Egyptian bodies with Aztec heads (and thus head gear) so I can present them to him when the world is published.

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Aug 3 09 2:12 PM

So the flavour of the day seems to be upon the Egypto-Aztec zombies trying to spoil the intentions of the imperialist redcoats.
Should they also have dinosaurs?


Come to think of it, Egypto-Aztec Zombies would likely make him even happier, as he is also a Zombie fanatic.  But no dinos, at least not until I talk him into adding them in as mounts grin

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Aug 3 09 4:14 PM


"Don't try to make babies with your own roleplay character - it always ends in pain & shame" - Advice I never thought I'd have to give once, let alone TWICE!!

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Aug 6 09 5:37 PM

Well, I've viewed the topic because I read most new posts - but I have no interest in wargming this time frame, so I didn't vote, as my opinion is irrelevant to the those who do have interest.

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Aug 9 09 3:56 PM

Definitely need British command and Artillery/heavy weapons sets.  Perhaps do a combined box set, with command, cannon(s), and Gatling Gun(s), or the British equivalent.

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Aug 9 09 5:57 PM

Now its starting to look like a poll!


AZdmiral-yi, my friend, I voted for the Egyptians since I think they would make a nice looking group, but to be honest, I am not a fan of this time period, much less the English in any time period.  That being said, I would buy a set of English/British casualties I could use in a diorama of any skirmish/battle where they were slaughtered and then get the appropriate "enemies". 

I guess being Irish makes me less than un-biased on the issue LOL

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Aug 29 09 8:21 PM

What to think of  Indonesians or Bush negros so you could use them as Colonial dutch


I'm inclined to think that almost nobody has ever shown any interest in wargaming the Colonial Dutch. I recall a series of articles in Savage and Soldier probably 15-20 years ago about Dutch campaigns in Sumatra (I think). It did not kick off a craze.

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Aug 30 09 7:57 PM

To an extent, wargaming the Dutch in any period does not seem to be particularly popular, whether it be the Eighty Years War or World War II.


I have to wonder if that is due to a lack of good mini's or a lack of interest.  Seems to me that without the mini's there's no interest, yet without interest no one is going to risk making the mini's.  You can't even find good Dutch mini's in 1/35 scale.

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