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Aug 12 09 10:10 AM

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I've spent a few days going through all the lists, cross-referencing them, combining things and generally making my head spin.

As I reach the Sci-Fi list I realize that the current list on the website is in no order, and that some things have been added since I put this list in order.

Anyway, since my brain is addled, could the Forum please look over this, make any suggestions as to anything that seems misplaced and - crucially - look over it to see what I have missed completely.




Modular Generic Space Fighter  - 

Modular Generic Starship 


6mm Heavy Hovertanks  - 

Modular Terrain  - 

City Modular Tiles For Sci-Fi Wargames  -  Number Needed to Enter Production: 806  -   Percentage Complete: 19%  (also in Scenics)

Small Scale Alien Bugs (10-20mm)  6mm Female Sci Fi Troops In Light Armor  Enter Production: 833  -  

Sci-Fi Androids (6mm)  - 

6mm Sci-Fi Mid-Tech Infantry Platoon 

Near-Future Marine Corps (6mm) 

Anime-Style Medium Mecha  - 


15mm Armed ApeMen In Jumpsuits  15mm/Matchbox Scale "Car Warriors" Accessories  - 

 Dwarfs in Space! (15mm)  - 


“Those Guys in Greatcoats”:

Sci Fi Greatcoat Infantry 

SciFi Greatcoat Mortorcycle Riders  - 

 Sci-Fi Greatcoat Heavy Weapons Team 

Great Coat Infantry - Command 

 Great Coat Infantry Heavy Weapons 

Heavy Infantry for Sci Fi Great Coats  - 

The Near Future:

Near Future Islamic Rebels 

Postapocalyptic Mutants  - 

Modern/Near Future Armed Civilians 

Zombies - Neighborhood Protection League 

Zombies - Near Future Military Fighters 

Sewer Mutants  - 

Government Agents/ Men in Black 

Post Apocalyptic Marauders  - 

Near Future Weapons Sprue  - 

Near Future Russians (2050-2150) 

The Far Future:

40mm Tall Mech Bi-Ped Walker, Dreadnaugt, Robot 

Androids - 28mm 

Mid-Tech Sci-Fi Soldiers  - 

Sci Fi "Mystical Warriors"  - 

Sci-Fi Civilians 

Sci-Fi Highland Troopers  - 

Science Fiction Women  - 

Starship Crew 

Generic Powered Armour Suit and Weapons 

Anime Styled Robot Mini Tank  - 

Combat Cyborgs  - 

Sci Fi Samurai Pirates 

Sci Fi Zombie Soldiers 

Industrial Cyborgs 

Star Pirates  -  Number Needed to Enter Production: 1000  -   Percentage Complete: 0%  (Same as Space Pirates, omitted here)

The Zombie Plague:

Female Zombies  - 

American Civil War Zombies  - 

WW1 German Zombies  - 

Zombie Variety Pack  - 

Modern Zombie Family  - 

Things from Outer Space:

Alien Invaders!!!  - 

Exoskeletal 'Bug' Aliens/'Queen' or 'Tank' Exoskeletal Aliens 

Alien Chaotic Monsters 

Victorian  and Pulp Era Mad Science:

Lizardman Askaris  - 

Native Martians  - 

Red/Canal Martians 

Deep Ones (Fishmen) 

Rocketmen  - 

19th Century Steampunk Victoriana 

African Porters  - (Remove to 19thC/ colonials list)

Darkest Africa - Askaris  -  (Remove to 19thC/ colonials list)

Lizardmen With Guns  - 

Retro Sci-Fi/Pulp WWII Soviet Infantry  Robed Cultists  - 


Build Your Own Superhero 

Custom Female Superhero Kit 

Huh? The Stuff We Can’t Classify:

Evil Clowns  - 

Future Sport  - 

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#1 [url]

Aug 12 09 10:14 AM

Can we get Heavy Weapons and Heavy Weapon Teams combined? The description is for almost the exact same thing.

Two guys crouching with a verity of heavy weapons for them to man.

The only diffrent is one wants more weapons, the the other wants them to come with a "optional" heavy weapon platform. (Witch may or may not fit on a sprue.)

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#4 [url]

Aug 12 09 11:40 AM

Maybe putting all of the " zombie " related entries together. It's easy with the Greatcoats they all say Greatcoat, but there are some different things in the zombie entries.  There are three areas Near future, and far future with both mutants and zombies. Also there is The Zombie Plague. With not only zombies but also entries designed to fight the zombies.  So maybe putting all entries together will make it a little less random. first list the existing set, and then the historical ones (ACW/WW1) and then the rest. I think its a tough job you guys got, and you are doing a great job! Thanks!

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#5 [url]

Aug 12 09 12:41 PM

You're missing the 20mm survivor sprue that hasn't gotten any orders.   devil

What d-l and John said about the Greatcoats, I concur -- Category should be renamed to something like The Guys in Greatcoats and their friends/foes

Imperial Galactic Fleet Set over in the Other's category really needs to be moved into Sci-Fi under the Microscale category.

I think we also need at least two new "large" categories.

First is "Terrain and Scenery" where things like Modular Terrain and City Modular Tiles can go.

Second is "The Dumpster" - a catch all category where very slow moving submissions - like the 20mm survivor sprue - can go, rather than being deleted.   While I'd like to get some of those slow moving ones out of there, I'm against deleting them, because I think showing the ones that aren't working is educational for the people making new suggestions.

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#8 [url]

Nov 15 13 5:31 AM


Thank you for your thoughts.


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