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Nov 28 09 7:46 AM

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I submitted my idea over 2 weeks ago to Liberty and Union but never have seen it approved/listed. Anyone know how long it takes?

What I suggested was a dungeon building sprue, with walls, floors, doors, little decor items.

I also posted this over at TMP

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Nov 28 09 8:35 AM

We are very long overdue  for a complete overhaul for the L&U  - not just the revision I did some months ago, which we haven't put up.
As most of you guessed, the success of the L&U took us by surprise, and we have a list of - well, you know what they are - that are on our 'to do ASAP' schedule. Of course, ASAP at this point is still not 'tomorrow or maybe the end of the week'. We wish it was. We are still at the point that we have to sell a bunch of item A before we can afford to go ahead with item B.
I suspect that we'll want to rewrite some submissions completely, based on the original specs either being waaaayyyyy off to begin with  ("five cavalry per sprue!") or not really matching the way we've come to do things via the process of trial and error.
Probably quite a few of the lower ranked items will drop into bucket lists. Unless we have a special feeling that an item has somehow not lived up to real potential, we'll probably decide that an item that has taken 8-12 months to reach 6% isn't going anywhere.
I wanted the Rif Wars figures myself. Sorry.[image]
Our experience has been that two-sprue based sets seem to make a more flexible combination than single sprue items, so my thought is that actual sets rather than single sprues are the preferred way to go. This will be a boon to most suggestions, although others may not work well in that context.
Until we are really able to get that sorted out, I'm not sure I want to even look at the next round of "Napoleon and his family posing for portraits" or "An anime creation that isn't actually animated, but drawn on my chemistry notebook."
And, yeah, I'm still gonna throw those out -- [image]


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Nov 28 09 3:40 PM

Don't worry - the LaUL league has been shut down since before I arrived - it'll come back on line some day... 

"Don't try to make babies with your own roleplay character - it always ends in pain & shame" - Advice I never thought I'd have to give once, let alone TWICE!!

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Nov 30 09 10:20 AM

Yeah, I've haven't seen any of my ideas posted yet.  I just figured they're swamped in other peoples ideas.

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Dec 22 09 8:33 PM

To contribute to this topic. I belief this would be done with two spruces.

1st sprue would have two tiles on it. These would be dubble sided with onside detailed for floors, and the other side detailed for walls.

The 2nd sprue would be a Assessory sprue. It would have one set of Doors, and Assessories for your dungon. These would be torches for examples that you could glue to the walls.

Also I got a feeling alot of dungon masters out there would love some sort of creative "trap marker", to mark potential traps for there dungeon crawlers.

Each box should be able to make one hullway in any shape of the "Tetris" blocks.

This means a 4 squars of floor. So that would mean something along the lines of 6 of the main sprues, and 2 of the accessory spruces sound right. That would mean 8 sprues all together.

With alot of the $20 boxes having about 10-14 sprues in it, This would be a MUCH cheaper option compared to the many resin options on the market right now.

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Dec 23 09 11:15 AM

This interests me! plus makes some good terrain too like roads and walls


I never even thought of that.

Since all of the tilies would be detailed for cobblestone floors, you could use a kit to make cooplestone rodes in Historic and Fantasy gaming boards.


Maby of the Assesory sprue. Something like. 1 Set of doors(Single Pieace), a Small treasure chest, 2 skulls, 5 Torches.

The challenge for Wargames Factory will be that not everyone is up for painting a bunch of squars. They need to be able to look good with a base coat and quick dry brush.

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May 7 12 1:40 PM

Wow, this would be fantastic.. I spend way to much time building my own..

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