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Apr 12 10 5:43 AM

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I'm wondering, we all know about Jaguar and Eagle Warriors but will there be any other suit types in the sprues like the Tzitzimitl and Coyote suits? Also will there be many standards and back flags to choose from for your army?

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Apr 12 10 12:17 PM

Greetings Obsidian Serpent!

¬°Well, this is the point! We ask for such things and then pester and pester and pester for them to be on the sprue. Personally, I am hoping for many styles of banner, and this fine chap has laid out exactly how complex the military organisation was. I particularly want the Quaxalotl banner.

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Apr 12 10 1:40 PM

Really? I myself quite like the Caqua Tonatiuh as well as the Pamitl back banners.

The link you gave me said that the Jaguar and Eagle Warriors didn't just dress in thier Ocelotl and Cuauhtli costumes, I thought the Jaguar and Eagle warriors dressed entirly in thier order suits as the Eagle represented Huitzilopochtli and the Jaguar represented Tezcatlipoca.

I suppose they dressed in thier Ocelotl and Cuauhtli when in battle and thier other suits to express thier rank as the spaniard Dernel Biaz did state that there were quite a lot of warriors in those suits at Otumba and during "La Noche Triste" (The sad Night).

There is one thing I am not sure about, the Jaguar Warriors wear the Ocelotl suit, but there were two variants of it.
1. Is made by dyeing a suit a certain color and putting black sploges on them to make them look like Jaguar spots.
2. Is also made by using a "real" Jaguar skin.
The second option would be more difficult as a Jaguar could just about as easily kill you as you could kill it and that the Aztecs were not as close to the tropical jungles as the Mayans were so the second option could be given to the highest ranks within the order.

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Apr 12 10 3:01 PM

Hmm, interesting questions. I shall ask my boss; he's been an adopted Mexican since the 80s, and is the only person in my workplace to speak Nahuatl.

On the second, it's quite possible they could have gotten jaguar pelts from the lowlands via the trade networks, if not directly available from the tribute states, which could increase the proportion of these.

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Apr 13 10 6:34 AM

I would love to see an Aztec, and other such nations done as a set.

I believe it was Howard, and Im of the same mind, am a "fan" of the lesser played armies / wars.
Lets face it, if you havent heard about the European Wars, you've been asleep for 50 years (or a product of modern education).
But only gamers or history buffs reallly know or even think of the wars that were fought throughout central and south Amercia, before  we were America.

However I have to admit, painting the various "uniforms" like the Eagle and Jaguar warriors, will be a challenge  (I recall there being others as well, but like most, this is not my specialty) but I think they would be outstanding when done with a little patience.

Now only time will tell, how far and where this idea leads.

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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Apr 13 10 8:31 AM

I agree, I study the Aztec culture, architecture, religion and thier perception of the universe for a hobby, and I am still scratching my head over thier military. Its more advanced than most people would think, and there is little "authentic" evidence on how it worked, for we have to rely on spanish records.

But yeah, the miniatures when finished will look really colourful and would really stand out when put on the battlefield (or on your bedroom shelf).

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