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May 21 10 12:13 PM

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This is a mini story about a trooper of the raxxan 21th

Corpral.Zeroc 21th shocktroopers red squad

The troopers walked up on the balcony of the skyscraper
The corpral looked up at the alien ships in the sky .
never had he seen ships that large neither did he know that it was imperial
dropships comming to claim the planet theirs.
Then they saw a bright light and runned to the elevator
they took it to the bottom floor and runned out
they saw their city in flames,
screaming civilians running around in chaos
they walked to the subway seeing that all the imperials where on march
into the city.

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May 22 10 12:28 AM

Corpral.zeroc 21th shocktroopers red squad
the imperials had claimed the city but the most of the surviving civilians had taken the subway to a military base where they signed up for military duty.
i had walked to the hangar with all the vehicles
there where walkers, tanks and dropships
i got into a mk.XII walker and started it in the same minute my sargent came and said that we where to eliminate enemy scouts in the forest.
i drove the walker outside and followed the squad
until i heard a explosion and gun fire
it was the squad they had become under attack by imperial scouts
we shoot all the scouts but then i noticed that the sagent was hitted
he screamed in pain of the bullet in his chest.
we took him back to the headquaters where he later died.

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May 22 10 3:33 AM

the evil imperial army is the imperial guard
the raxxus sector is out side the reign of the imperium

next up red  scout
blue squad and yellow squad

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May 22 10 5:52 AM

This is nothing but anti-separatist propaganda! This needs to be locked up at once! [image]


 And Oceana has always been at war with Eastasia.

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May 27 10 7:47 AM

Lieutenant Swagsmor looked out over the edge of masonary wall.  He spied imperial troops disembarking from one of their drop pods.  The Lieutenant turned his head only briefly to his right and gave the order, "Thatch, fire, now."
The machine gun burst forth bullets that pulverized themselves into the Imperial troopers, and those that weren't immediately hit, scrambled for cover.  And then the rest of the the Lieutenant's forces discharged their weapons as well.

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Apr 14 13 5:45 PM

First Rank FIRE
Second Rank... FIRE
The sargeant roared over the sound of lasgunfire. His voice hoarse as he made himself heard over the sounds of battle.
Third Rank... FIRE
The screams of the dying mingled with the eternal silence of the dead.
The Raxxus 21st were to hold this position untill nightfall. The captain doubted any of them would be left standing by them.
Thought I'd add  to this thread.
Keep up the good work raxxus. I'm interested in seeing what you post next.

Death before Dishonor!

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Apr 15 13 11:04 AM

So speaks the Ministry of Truth.

Is there anything you can't combine with the Persian figs?

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