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Oct 26 10 8:05 PM

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I'm still deep in the woods, so apologies for any historical inaccuracies .. I remember a noble,Austrian? ,Prussian? , who raised a force of cavalry, infantry,and artillery ...fought the French and drove to the coast to regroup in England, but he had to abandon the infantry and cannon...the uniform was black with skull motifs on the jackets and hats to signify mourning for the loss of family and nation.
I did not see them listed, and with the growing number of Napoleonic sets available ...I am sure I could just paint some black, yet I am curious if the black hussars and accompanied legion has much traction here.
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Oct 26 10 11:15 PM

Yes! :) those are the fellows!...should've remembered Wikipedia ...boy I miss my coffee pot!
If the Napoleonic range gets going these could be done with mini sprues of spare heads..but I'd rather aquire complete sets. I'm not sure him much traction Brunswick's black legion would get though.

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Oct 26 10 11:37 PM

Considering the small size of the given unit, they sound like a rather marginal topic to produce models for - especially in something like plastic.

Also, Tony and Howard have previously mentioned that they are a bit wary about getting into Napoleonics, since there are several other companies cranking out 28 mm hard plastic Napoleonics. Perry, Victrix and Hät have been already producing them for a while, and Warlord Games is about to release their first plastic Napoleonic set pretty soon.

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Feb 4 12 1:29 AM

Perrys do them in metal but they are in the 1815 uniform (short jackets) rather than the 1809 uniform (long coat). You might be better off doing 1815 you would have 7 battalions of infantry, a regiment of hussars, a squadron of uhlans, a foot battery and a horse battery. All bar the Avantgarde are in black.

You could then add British allies as well plenty of those in plastic.


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