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Jan 13 11 1:02 PM

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So, just wondering, for everyone who bases their shock troops (mainly for 40k), where do you get your bases? If you get the round base set from gw, what do you use to fill in the slottabases(25mm)?

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Jan 13 11 1:09 PM

EM-4 or RI for the bases.  Both are good companies and much cheaper than buying from GW.

EM-4 is cheaper...but RI is faster if you are in the US.

For filling the slot - I use a thin bit of styrene (0.01 mm - paper thin) that I punch out with a cheap hole punch.  Since I also mount a magnet in the backside of the base - the thin material is fine.  If you are going to leave it hollow - you might consider using something slightly thicker though.

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Jan 14 11 8:16 AM

I went with these Gale Force Nine Econo-bases:

For $10 you can get about 125 of them, and there's no slot to cover up.  Though I'd think you could just arrange so that the built in base of the shock troops covers up the slot when you glue it on.

Depending on where you live, and the shipping rates and conversion rates, those EM4 slotta bases might work out cheaper, especially if you don't have to pay the VAT.

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May 29 11 5:50 PM

We suggest our very own 25mm round bases available at our web store.

Alea iacta est, good gaming - Lonnie Mullins Head of Product Development, Research & Design Wargames Factory

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May 30 11 5:14 AM

Two pence coins are the exact size of the standard round base and being metal are already weighted, negating the need for adding stabilising weights. Working out at £2 per hundred it's also cheaper than buying bases and weights.

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Jun 19 11 3:27 AM

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