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Jul 30 11 9:52 PM

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First of all, credit where credit is due.
This idea was inspired by Lonnie under the title "Amazon Cat Warriors" in the SCI-FI catagory.
Some of you may have read the following info in that area. However I think it would make a great 'Fantasy' army in its own right.
It was kindly pointed out that my imagination was running away w me in the 'wrong Dept' LOL. I.E. I decided to expand on the idea for Fantasy.
For Weapons.. how does this sound per sprue?       
2 - Pair of arms holding / drawing a Bow       (2 archers)
2 - Pair of arms holding a Spear                   (2 spear.. uh Men?  lol)
2 - Pair of arms (Lt/Rt), each armed w a Sword; a 2 handed warrior.  (2 - 2 handed warriors)
6 - Rt arms w Swords                                  (6 swordsman)
6 - Lt arms w Shields

Other possible primative weapons could be a Slinger or a Club; this could be anything as crude as a broken tree limb to that of an ancient Native American Fighting staff to the exotic such as... a "war spike" made from the bone from some animal.
Cats of course have to fight with only natures weapons, so following that idea, I felt the vast majority would be armed with swords, to follow their natural instinct to 'close-in' with their enemy.

Im picturing creatures, advanced, but early evolution, living in caves or perhaps tent dwellers. As such their clothing will almost surely be that of animal skin. Not there own!  
They are tech-challenged, but not cannibals.
I think Amazon "Cat" Warriors (male or female) would make great opposition to the Amazon Warriors.. or they could also be the 'mysterious jungle' allies that rally to the side of the Amazon's to defend their common homeland.
I would love to see this come to life.. like that of 'Anubis" warriors.
Opinions Please?

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