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Aug 23 11 3:25 PM

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New Liberty and Union League Submission: Gothic Female Knights

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Aug 26 11 1:07 PM

Yeah not fan of the gigantic anime weapons. Though i would like a 2-handed greatsword option... but a reasonable greatsword. If this set does well, cavalry would be good too... I still think all the sets would do better with some WF fantasy rules...

----Really want this set----

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#6 [url]

Aug 27 11 11:01 AM

Captain, if you normally post in any other foruns around, maybe it dont hurt to post this in them... A lot of interested ppl dont know WGF Liberty Union, or dont normally look at it. Maybe it work :)

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Sep 7 11 10:16 PM

I've never really "done this" before, not since everyone was brainstorming for the greatcoat infantry, which I found disappointing...

But I am not one to hold a grudge. Maybe WGF will fare better at this concept, who knows.

5 torsos with shoulder pads modeled on (boob plate, but not over the top. something like the first image from the first post)
5 helmetless heads, bob hair style
5 helmeted heads, sallet style:
5 sets of arms for holding rifles (no rifle necessary, people will use their own anyway)
1 lance holding right arm
1 mace holding right arm
5 sword holding right arm
1 double-handed greatsword holding set of arms
1 double-handed mace holding set of arms
5 shield arm
5 shield (flat topped kite shield)
5 sets of legs, 4 being "standard" and 1 being "running forward"   

It might seem like a lot of parts, but 15 of them are just arms, and 10 of them are heads, the the larger sprue space occupying items would be the two large weapons, 5 legs, and 5 shields.

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#8 [url]

Sep 8 11 6:38 AM

I like it a lot. But i would not stick with one hair style. Captain matias give us a great article about womans in armor, and it give great alternatives to bob style. Bob style should be in, but not only...

I think the most important part is to care for the female look, without making them looking like bitches. I think the first picture translate that very well, and include a nice way to show breast armor :D

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#9 [url]

Sep 8 11 3:46 PM

I think 5 bare heads sounds good... maybe 1 older matron/masterknight head and 4 young heads with different hairstyles. I would like 2 spues of the 5 bare heads (10 total) vs the 1 sprue of 4 bare heads that came with the amazon set.

In particular I like this hair style... Loose flowing hair, and pony tails are harder to use, as they interfere with capes, back packs, etc... And you you dont get as much head movement as they have to basically be looking forward or the hair collides with the shoulders...

Click here to view the attachment

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