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Nov 29 11 2:13 AM

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After looking at some of the games done in various scales of the British Empire during the various conflicts of Queen Victoria's reign, its clear units such as lancers would be a "most welcome" addition to the Wars of Empire range.
After all, they already have a "horse" sprue. While I have 'not' done any research, I think it would take little if any alterations so they can be used for a British cavalry set to compliment the Infantry.

Let's face it, WF has already done cavalry for the "Might of Rome", "Horse & Musket", and it seems apparent they "will" be doing one for the "Rising Sun" range as well...  so its clear they have the tools, they have the talent.
As I see it, a typical straight forward set of 12 with options for Officer, Bugler, and of course Standard Bearer and 9 'rank & file' troopers. This could give us a "company" of 4 - 3 man (figure) squadrons.  Just a quick over view thought here..

SO.. what are you thoughts guys?

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