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Dec 22 11 2:39 AM

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Hello friends .. what do you think about it .. Few manufactures during this period. period of interest. what do you think friends?
  I would very much like so predstavitli WF watched this option.

The almost constant wars among the Sumerian city-states for 2000 years helped to develop the military technology and techniques of Sumer to a high level. The first war recorded was between Lagash and Umma in ca. 2525 BC on a stele called the Stele of Vultures. It shows the king of Lagash leading a Sumerian army consisting mostly of infantry. The infantrymen carried spears, wore copper helmets and carried leather or wicker shields. The spearmen are shown arranged in what resembles the phalanx formation, which requires training and discipline; this implies that the Sumerians may have made use of professional soldiers.
The Sumerian military used carts harnessed to onagers. These early chariots functioned less effectively in combat than did later designs, and some have suggested that these chariots served primarily as transports, though the crew carried battle-axes and lances. The Sumerian chariot comprised a four or two-wheeled device manned by a crew of two and harnessed to four onagers. The cart was composed of a woven basket and the wheels had a solid three-piece design.
Sumerian cities were surrounded by defensive walls. The Sumerians engaged in siege warfare between their cities, but the mudbrick walls were able to deter some foes.

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Oct 4 13 2:46 PM

This category would actually do quit will if your target market were the homeschooling families (they are really into that time period). Personally I would like to see Abraham and his men as they went out on the warpath to free his useless nephew. I would also like to see some nephilim and per deluge warriors, but I think those might do better in fantasy or science fiction due to the fact that nobody has any idea of what they looked like.

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