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Jan 2 12 7:17 AM

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New Liberty and Union League submission: Highlanders

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Jan 3 12 5:02 AM

SET DESCRIPTION: 25 to 30-figures.  Highlander set that will allow you to build Scots from the civil wars to those that fought overseas in the period 1650-1840. Kilts, dirks, Targe, broadswords, pistols, and muskets all add to the feel of this set that allows you to bring the highlander from the halls of history to the wargame table. From Jacobite to British Light Infantry in North America this kit will rally to your colors -- join the fight.

Okay then, maybe this should be in the fantasy section.

1650 highlanders look nothing like 1680's highlanders who look nothing 1715 highlanders (who do look like 1719 highlanders) but who look nothing like 1745 highlanders who look nothing like government highlanders - government highlanders from the Europe to the F&IW and the AWI all look different as well.
The weapons for all the periods change, and from late 1745 all Jacobites were musket armed but with continental pieces and acoutrements that look totally different to government issued equipment. Facial hair and hair styles also changed quite a lot not to mention coats styles and weapons. (fish tailed muskets and haquebuttes matchlocks for the 17th century, civilian snaphances for the 18th, French 1690 (no barrel band), 1717 (single barrel band) 1728 3 barrel bands) all with cows foot stocks, spanish 1728 with miquelet lock, government troops orriginally issued with dragoon pieces later issued with long land patterns for the AWI (and no kilts)
Basket hilts were not common place, they became less common outside of the army, and by 1746 the most common jacobite issued sword was the french epee de soldat which looks like a small sword, not of any real use, and probably abbandoned. (although a fence near culloden is made from their blades)
Other differences include the use (or lack of) of trews and "stettin" breeches, discarded plaid (fighting in the leine and doublet only) barefoot, gillies or shoes, and even the basket hilt itself changes quite drastically between 1645 and 1745 (as does the style of baldric)
And lets not forget that the bow was in the western clans still the primary missile weapon during the civil war - the muster roll for 1638 of "Black Pate's" men show 60% of them bow armed.
The Warlord Games ECW highlanders were poor enough, and they were just trying to do the ECW period.

Without so much as a damn your eyes

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