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Jan 25 12 5:57 PM

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New Liberty and Union League submission: Skeletal Legion

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Wargames Factory Customer Service

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Jan 25 12 11:00 PM

Dang, found typos in that submission.  Sorry about that.  :)

On to business.

Q:  Aren't these available elsewhere?
A:  Yes, I found two companies that make them.  One made them nearly ten years ago, and now the only set that appears to be for sale is a large box set which includes only 24 of the figures, among other figures, for 75 dollars.  That is the German company who's name starts with a Z.  Another company who's name starts with an F has a blister pack of three figures you can buy for about fifteen bucks.  They are resin and each figure is for a different kind of unit, so making an army of them would be difficult at best.

Q:  What are these good for?
A:  A good number of things.
1, They would look great in a display or on a diorama for a fantasy battle.
2, Your friends want to play historical games but you love fantasy.  Do both in one fell swoop!
3, An excellent addition to any army of the undead.  Let others have their strange gothic looking figures with bat wings on their helmets.  Your heroes will lead real soldiers into battle.
4, Don't want to have a mummy led force of people who clatter around with useless bronze weapons?  Put the Legion in your chariots and see your enemies tremble in fear as they remember the havoc wreaked by the roman chariot in Ben Hur.
5,  Tired of fighting zombies?  Test your survivors against the disciplined ranks of the roman dead.
6, Roman Skeletons vs Celt Zombies.  Enough said.  

Q:  What game systems could I use these with?
A:  Warhammer Fantasy Battles has two armies that would both benefit from these figures.  Mantic's Kings of War also has an undead force that could use a more historical touch.  Then there are other skirmish rules as well.  Mordheim would suit them just fine.  With a little work they could even be used for Blood Bowl.  There are many more out there.  Really, if it has bones and rattles the sky is the limit.

I love to hear everyone's thoughts about this.

There is more, but I'd like to hear from other people as well.

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Oct 29 12 11:54 AM

I like the idea...  skeletal romans vs. skeletal greeks.  I suppose some kitbashing could get the desired effect though.  I'm only worried about how to get the fleshy heads out of the roman helmets? 

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