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Mar 17 12 10:55 AM

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New Liberty and Union League submission: WWII German Heavy Machine Gun Squads (Late War 1944-1945)

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Oct 26 12 6:14 PM

I personally think the set contents need tweaked a bit.  My choice would be as follows:

One tripod mounted MG42 and MG34 with 3 crew plus NCO

One 8cm mortar with 3 crew plus NCO

One 2 or 3 man radio team (guy with the radio, assistant, and a guy with binocs)

One medic with 1 or 2 assistants

One Panzerschreck team with gunner and loader

Those contents would cover practically any ruleset out there (I'm looking specifically at Bolt Action, although the above contents would also work very well for Disposable Heroes and Nuts!)

It would also be nice to include a few figures with the StG44 assault rifle, as that's my only gripe about the German platoon box set.

This way, you could do a "starter army" deal, where you buy one platoon box, and one support box, and maybe knock a dollar or two off the price.  If you produced the above set, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

The Americans need a similar set with a .30 cal MG, 60mm mortar, and Bazooka team, along with the medic and radio team.

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