May 3 12 11:53 PM

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Dear all, just posting this here as I guess it is where it really should go (already posted it in the L&U General Discussion and Horse & Musket range subforums, sorry).

I have just submitted an idea for a boxed set of 18th century light infantry/mountain fusileers in the L&U League. I want to let you know because a lot of people could be interested in such a development; light troops such as these were of Catalan origin (Roussillon ones too) and featured heavily in 18th century conflicts in French and Spanish armies, both in the Old and New Worlds, both in guerrilla warfare and sieges, even in the odd open fighting.

The break off is as follows:

24-36 figures in (8 to 12) 3 figure sprues like in the WSS infantry set. In fact it is a variation on the WSS infantry sprue to represent 18th century light infantry (miquelets, mountain fusileers) in service in the Imperial, French, Catalan and Spanish armies, who fought long and everywhere in every war in those times (Nine Years War, War of Spanish Succession, War of Polish Succession, War of Austrian Succession, Seven Years War, French Indian War, French Revolutionary Wars...) featuring heavily in dense/broken terrain and guerrilla fighting.

Each sprue would feature 2 or better 3 armless, headless advancing bodies with separated legs and body parts like in the WSS cavalry set to allow for more variation of posing and so reflecting a more dynamic approach.

One crouching combination, one coatless body or with a coat over the left shoulder and one buttoned coat body; advancing legs with gaiters, alternating the advance leg, would help with the above statd dynamic approach and variation. Several arms combinations should allow for firing, advancing at trail and loading positions, all to reflect a more dynamic kind of (light) fighting.

Just one sword in scabbard or sword armed arm for an officer are necessary, while both horn and corn (a horn made with a conch shell) arms for the musicians would be mandatory as to show them as musicians, be them in French, Spanish or Catalan service, or of a more generic kind; standards are not necessary, if any is desired, it can be made with standard WSS infantry spare parts. Although not so stated in the submission description, an important side use of these miniatures would be that of pirates and such and militias, favored by their irregular looks; use of WSS cavalry sword and pistol arms would only add to this possibility.

Heads with tricornes, slouch and cocked hats and diverse caps, both long and short, will suffice for them allowing enough variation when combined with the torsos and legs that less heads than in the WSS infantry set would be necessary.

Additional parts to represent backpacks, bags and pistol carrying bandoliers are mandatory. The pistol carrying bandoliers (called originally "xarpa", plural "xarpes" in Catalan) are to be (almost) bandoliers with (left) side square pieces of leather with pistols and knives put (glued) on. Separate pistols and knives would be easy to glue on a plain square piece of leather sculpted on the figure left side.

All in all, such a set would be not only of great use for 18th century players but its possibilities range wide with militia, pirate and Imagi-Nation uses as main collateral benefits. I request your help to allow it become a reality, both in the Liberty and Union League and after it is accepted as a submission, by putting reasonable orders on it as to help its final development for selling.

Thank you very much!