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May 18 12 2:43 PM

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New Liberty and Union League submission: Mountain Fusileers

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May 23 12 11:07 PM


Thanks for putting this entry in the L&U League. Let's hope it ever gets enough following as to be made and sold!

A definitive source for light infantry in Imperial (in the Peninsula), Spanish and French armies for all the XVIIIth century. Perfect for rounding up regular armies of the War of Spanish, Polish and Austrian Succession, the Seven Years War, the French Indian War (SYW in the Americas), and even the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary Wars.

Also great for Imagi-Nations!

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Sep 18 12 6:03 AM

My guess is you missed this forum entry. I have copied it below:

Temporary Submission Freeze to Current Liberty & Union League

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Post Admin: delete topic | spam

Over the course of the last year, Wargames Factory has been closely monitoring and reviewing the L&UL. This has led us to the conclusion that while we fully support the concept of the L&UL (customers being able to help direct our future products), the mechanism is clumsy and ineffectual.

Some of the more transparent problems with the League are-

·         Inconsistency of submissions (some submissions give great detail and reference material while others are not fleshed out at all).

·         Multiple similar submissions due to an ineffectual search engine.

·         Confusing and unrealistic voting process.

·         Mass amounts of submissions, many of which are never seen and many never voted on.

With this in mind, the Wargames Factory team has decided to freeze the current incarnation of the L&UL immediately. This will mean that while we will stop accepting any new submissions, we will allow continued voting on current submissions until we have revamped the process and are ready to reveal our new platform. 

Please use this time to vote for your favorite existing submissions, as current submissions with the highest amount of votes will be transferred to the new platform. You can also work on expanding your future product submission ideas. While we are not yet ready to announce the new format and criteria, we can give you the hint that in the future we will require more substantial submissions.

We apologize for any inconvenience this freeze may cause, however you can rest assured that we will be using this time to update and streamline the submission and voting process. Please feel free to use the forum to give us any ideas you might have in regards to how we might simplify and perfect procedures. We look forward to unveiling our fresh platform in the near future, and of course we will be eager to see what you have cooked up in the interim! Thank you for your support.

The Wargames Factory Team

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