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Aug 21 12 6:31 PM

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I've got a moderate sized Warhammer Fantasy army from the Empire list (2k+ of points) and I'm thinking about good ways to expand it *cheaply*.

I'm thinking Wargames Factory's WSS Cavalry could do the trick as Empire's Pistoliers / Outriders?

Here is what the "real thing" looks like:

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Aug 21 12 8:42 PM

Absolutely! Fantasy human armies can be easily made from all sorts of historical figures, from ancients and medievals to Far Eastern warriors like Chinese, Choson Koreans, or the Samurai, to Aztecs, Native Americans like the Sioux, to Turkish Janissaries, to the WSS.

I say let your imagination run wild!

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Aug 21 12 10:19 PM

Certainly do-able :)

Now I'm wondering if the Persian and WSS sets could be combined to make Janisaries...hmm I wonder...

Is there anything you can't combine with the Persian figs?

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Aug 22 12 1:38 AM

I'm more asking from the perspective where all my other Empire miniatures are Games Workshop, how well would it fit in with the existing army's look?

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Aug 22 12 8:17 AM

Unfortunately I found out the hard way that the WSS are smaller than the Persian...

Was hoping to combine the fur hat from the WSS cavalry with Persians to make Cosaacks but heads look like pinhead in comparison. 

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Aug 22 12 7:56 PM

Persians from whom? Is Wargames Factory 28mm (boy that "28mm" can mean so many different things to different people...) smaller than other manufacturers?

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Nov 30 12 3:24 PM

Do what you like and what your opponents accept.

From a point of style, outriders are modelled after the mid/late 16th century so the WSS cavalry is roughly a hundred years off (comparatively as different as Napoleonics look to WWI trenchers) - in addition to being remarkably smaller. I would not do this for my Empire army, but I would also not bother my opponent if he included WSS in his army.

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Dec 13 12 8:16 PM

Unless you plan to play at  "Grand Tournaments" where only "correct" minies are allowed....Do what you can afford.

A "stacked/double the thickness" base will make your foot/mounted minies "taller". If  you just paint bases or flock them, double (or a little more) thickness flat bases do look just fine.wink

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Mar 31 13 9:50 AM

Mathmo, I have been using WF minis for my Warhammer Empire for a long time. I think the WSS Cav work great for both Outriders and Pistoliers. I also attached some lances and made heavy cav out of them. I use the WSS artillery  for my great cannons, and even use Celts, Vikings and Saxxons for swordsmen.

I think it gives me a really unique looking army and I get complements from the group I game with on how my army looks. 

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