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Aug 22 12 4:38 PM

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My name is Frank Frey and thanks to WF, I am now able to start on my own "Imagi-Nation". I've always liked Anthony Hope's Ruritanian Romances. I belong to the Royal Ruritanian Society of Tampa Bay. One of my projects is to the 18th century version of the Royal Ruritanian Army. So here is my first effort: a Royal Guard Fusilier ca. 1705. 
Hope you all like it.

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Aug 23 12 2:07 AM

BRAVO Frank!
I always admire (and cheer) for those who at least make the effort to go for what they want. The effort ifself shows character and willingness to "do the work".
While am not familar with what I assume to be a series of books (Ruritania). Anything that inspires our imagination is a great resource.

I am curious, are you painting troops for somewhat 'large battles', "company" or "battalion" for example, or simply for "skirmish" games with perhaps neighboring 'border guards' or even unruly 'Ruritanian' trouble makers, perhaps hiding in distant secluded parts of their homeland?

Keep painting.. and keep working on that goal!

OH a little friendly "warning".. from time to time you might find that when you "save" somthing you have posted, for no reason what so ever, Lefor will just Randomly Change the Font. Or it may change it then correct it automatically.
You can learn to accept this.. OR just pull your hair out.. as I have done. LOL

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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Aug 23 12 6:57 AM


Welcome to our forums!

It is great to see new members painting our Wargames Factory figures the way you want them to look. 

Please also check out our web site and our Facebook site as well.

Asking questions and sharing thoughts and ideas are most welcome here. I have consistently been impressed by the painting skill, imagination, and historical/gaming knowledge of our forum members. As well as their willingness to share with fellow forum members.

I really hope you enjoy our forum, and again welcome!


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Oct 31 12 12:29 PM

         could you tell more about your project?

        Now, if you don't have a blog yet please start one: it's free, easy, requires no maintenance, you post at leisure at your own pace. To post for public access helps you to put your ideas clear and straight, you record your projects and progresses and get interesting feed-back (generally). And it's the most reader-friendly of all supports, far superior to photos stored on Photobucket or the like (practically no captions), Yahoo groups (illustrations and text in separate folders) and even most forums -it's your own soapbox and display case.

    Regarding Imagi-Nations you could do worse than browse the archives of the 'Emperor vs Elector' 'collective blog' and those of the 80-some blogs associated with it.


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Oct 31 12 3:55 PM

Ruritania! Oh, Ruritania!

I played Rupert of Hentzau on the stage once; a joyful romp of rapiers, jodphurs, Mauser pistols, broadswords and gorgeous costumes.

Your model looks wonderful - looking forward to more!

I am in ur base, killin ur doods Abraham is in Ur, contemplatin the will of God

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