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Aug 23 12 8:59 AM

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Well, I have been busily putting together my Ruritanian Fusilier Guards using the WSS infantry. So far, everything has been going smoothly...except for trying to put together the drummer. I need some advice on how to do it properly. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. 

Frank Frey

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Sep 1 12 2:23 PM

I have assembled a bunch of them and my process is first of all to glue the two drum halves together.  Then assemble the body, sans head and right arm.  Only when everything is glued securely do I first attach the drum assembley to the body.  I lather on a pretty good area of plastic cement to make sure wherever the drum makes contact it will hold.  When  that has dried I glue the right arm on.  Despite being separate pieces there is really a narrow range of optimal posing.  To do anything different requires shaving down the arms at the shoulder joint to reposition.  The key is using too much plastic cement and letting things grab hold securely before moving to the next piece.

This is probably the default position:
French Medoc

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Sep 1 12 10:46 PM

this is not my area of interest but can appreciate good modelling, how do you make your base?

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Sep 2 12 3:44 PM

The bases are 2x2 mdf.  I slather on a layer of Elmer's wood filler with a wet stick then use the stick to prick up the filler to make undulations.  Then I use Elmer's white glue to glue the figures on.  When dry I used diluted white glue to cover the bases of the figure and the stand then dip in the flocking.  That is where those in the picture stopped.  I have since added a final step of adding bits of lichen and cork to make the base more scenic.  These cavalry show the current state.  The whole thing is hit with dulcote to help cement everything.
Portuguese cav

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Sep 2 12 8:59 PM

its a bug planet its an ugly planet

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Feb 21 13 1:00 AM

Upon re-reading Wacojoe post on basing his cavalry, it still surprises me that simple white "elmers" glue would be so successful on plastics. I dont doubt his results, just suprised at them considering its a simple water based glue.
I have used the glue to base my British '1879' to 1in. temporary cut up cerel box squares.. and from time to time they have simply 'popped off'.
I suppose its the "wood filler' that gives the model its real holding power.

I do so love seeing WIP or finished WSS models, historical or 'imagi-nation' inspired.

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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Feb 21 13 6:39 PM

From time to time, I have just done the drum and glued to the "ground"/base, "There's the drum, that guy with the spear, next to the leader in the center, is the part-time drummer".

My foot are mounted on 20 by 20mm individual bases. I have made drums out of wooden dowels OR the furnished drum without the "drummer minie". Usually, I just make do with the "furnished" drummer posed....however.

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