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Sep 21 12 10:40 AM

Precisely - which does sort of suggest we're actually dealing with brigades: If the 4 infantry bases represent a battalion, then artillery (deemed to represent position batteries of eight guns or more)


Now see, having not read 'any' rules of this period, I was thinking that each 'BASE', regardless of 3,4 or 6 figures, i.e. 75, 100 or even 150 men (est. 25:1), was representing a 'Company' of troops. There again..3 to 6 bases (depending on the rule sys) would be One Battalion. To take it one more step.. apprx. 3 battallions = One Regiment.

I have learned from "Napoleonic" gaming friends that the 'standard' infantry company/battllion, could in fact vary a GREAT deal between nations in reference to soldiers per each. Its my understanding the Russian forces (even back then folks lol) believed in the tactic, "winning with numbers". That is.. simply having forces of enormous numbers of soldiers.

[quot]Still, it does work visually as I said,,, - I'll get my coat!

HEY WAIT FOR MEEEE! (slamming door)  Darn.. I hate it when that happens. surprise

"You see old friend, I brought more soldiers than you did." 'King Leonidas - 300'

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Sep 22 12 9:25 AM

Ok this thread has wandered off so much, we might as well carry on nad hope that we loop back naturally at some point ;-)

Yes Maurice is mercifully flexible in that regard - the same unit can be a battalion for a small game , and a brigade on another day when staging a larger battle.

As to battalion strength, it may indeed have varied quite a bit during Napoleonic times (although I'm not sure the Russians had the biggest battalions, just more of them perhaps?). During the 18th C., the rough benchmark for most armies was around 600 men I believe. Much more and the unit becomes difficult to handle when formed in line three deep.

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Sep 22 12 3:39 PM

My thread..I don't mind..a stream of consciousness sort of DH Lawrence in a wargaming most periods it wasn't the strength that counted it was the ability of the bit to occupy a set frontage..usually  200pace in all armies  in  whatever number of ranks they could muster.. if they fail that test  they broken up, men remusterd into other units as replacements, officers sent home to raise replacements ,or they were combined  with others!!!!!  and NOBODY  like that ..I like rules that  rely on frontage nor actual numbers.. an 800 man,.a 600 man or a 400 man battalion all occupy the same frontage, and probably have about the same fire effect, 3rd ranks being  often qutie useless, in the heat of battle  often shooting the men in the  front  racks in the back..more often than not they reloaded and passed forwar   muskets . No officer was happy having his  unit all unloaded  at one time..the third rank acted as reserve.

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