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Dec 14 08 5:32 PM

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Aug 3 09 12:26 PM

Would this set be just spearmen, or would there also be options for bows?



SUBMITTED BY: nycjadie


SET DESCRIPTION: Foot rank and file with separate head and shield options



NOTES: We estimate 5-6 figures on the sprue


Likely will have a selection of weapons, just like the other sprues.  I'm just wondering if these will be only suitable for 1066 Invasion Normans, or would they have options for the Norman-Kingdom of Sicily as well with an Arab/Muslim influence?  If they can do double duty, I'll likely buy 5-10 sprues.

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Oct 4 09 6:16 PM

How noticeably would the Sicilian Normans differ from their northern cousins? Would it be just a matter of a bit different helmets, or something more drastic?


For the "Knights" and heavy infantry, fairly little. Foot troops would be more Islamic/Arab influenced. The basic Norman sprue would be usable as Sicilian, Southern Italian, and Byzantine Mercenary troops. This sprue, with head swaps, would even be usable for italians through the 1100's, and of course, as Early Crusaders.

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Oct 25 09 9:29 AM

Norman minis would be a great basis for the average european medieval warrior during a pretty big period of time. They'd also look great in fantasy settings.

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Nov 15 09 6:50 AM

By 1066, both Saxons and Normans used Kite shaped shields and Nasal Helmets. 
Kite shields / Nasal Helms start from about 950 were used right up until the 2nd Crusade 1149AD.
Most European armies looked similar at this time. Mick

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Jun 7 10 8:58 AM

I hope there will be an archer option on the sprue since this was a substantial component of the Norman army at Hastings - the estimates that I've been able to gather suggest approximately 3,000 infantry (52%), 2,000 cavalry (34%) and 800 archers (14%). This was set against 8,000 Saxon infantry of all sorts in approximately equal parts local, unarmored troops and armored troops returning from the preceding battle in the North against "Blood Axe." While the Saxons did not bring many archers with them to the field, the Normans certainly did and, given the ratio above, one out of every 5 infantrymen should be armed with a bow.

Get there first with the most.

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