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Dec 14 08 6:03 PM

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Dec 22 08 8:34 PM

I am very interested to know what size these will be? TAG released a great photo of their figures in comparison to other manufacturers:

My favorite of these is Bicorne (Renegade is a bit too large and the Perry ones too small)

Can you tell us where the WF ECW figures will fit in the scheme of things?


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Jul 28 09 12:01 AM

"Each sprue will be composed of 4 pike and 4 musketeers."

I think this amount of models per sprue is a bit unrealistic expectation, unless going for purely marching poses with almost no poseability - and even then fitting the actual pikes for the pikemen on the sprue would get tricky.

Also historically the shot usually outnumbered the amount of pike in the units.

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