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Dec 14 08 6:07 PM

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Dec 17 08 3:55 PM

I can only imagine, Howard, having a small pile of metal Greeks myself.

I had to make my DBA army in Xyston 15mm because nobody else wanted to to 25-28mm Greeks based on the cost. Not that Xyston's figure are in any way shabby--some of the nicest Greeks and Macedonians I have ever seen--but 15mm does leave one a little "wanting" the awesome impact of 1-inch hoplites advancing in phalanx...yeah.

Tony, I guess my question would be will there be some unclothed models in the line? My 15mm army has a couple of naturalists for skirmishers and I would like to duplicate that in Wargames Factory models, too. And anyone wanting to make the Sacred Band of Thebes would need some streakers, too.


Vale! - Lars

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Dec 17 08 7:09 PM

Classic Greek Hoplites is a long way from fuzzy wuzzies in the Sudan Howard,,we meet years ago at a Hashcon and I really enjoyed the game you were running.I hope you are doing well.

If the Hoplites can be moulded with a mix of helment styles as well as body armor,that would be great.I have an early alexander successor army in need of mercenarie hoplites ,but I can not afford metal figures just now and I'm not all that happy with whats avalible now anyway...I wish I still had my collection of the old DerKreigspillers(spelling) that were around in the 70's and 80's,,,they had some really good hoplite figures.

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Dec 24 08 5:22 PM

I know what you mean by the cost of metal. I have 700-800 Foundry hoplites, all painted...whew. Talk about dough, weight and time. Well worth it tho, they look awesome. Need a cheaper way to go. I'm all for these. Tony and his guys did a great job on the Romans, I've already ordered Celts, and can hardly wait for these guys.

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Jan 28 09 10:35 PM

It looks like these should be getting close soon to the concept render stage. And after that, even more people should start signing up...

Maybe the LUL will produce some Ancients after all.  grin

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Feb 6 09 10:50 PM

I love Greek Hoplites as well and have several hundred of them myself. The thing of it is there are already so many good ones available. What is missing is affordable Persians, which you mobs of for the period. I doff my hat to the stratigos with 700+ Greeks, but how many more do you need? My fellow citizens lay in a small order for some Persians, you know thats who you really want to kick around.    

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#8 [url]

Feb 16 09 7:38 PM

Yeah. I was pretty excited about this listing earlier, but it looks like it's stagnated a bit at 36%. In a way it's too bad because it's pretty near the threshold for having WIP sculpts and that is usually followed by a large number of signups.

Oh well. At least we'll probably have Germanic warriors and some imperial Romans coming out of the LUL.

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May 20 09 9:12 AM

I am truly afraid of this listing.  I don't know that I will be able to restrain myself once the renders start showing up...


So am I..

"So what are those boxes for over there?"

"Oh, its my greek army"

"How many?"


"How many painted?"

"Uhhhhh..... 12...."

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#10 [url]

May 20 09 5:16 PM

What if the hoplites were put five abreast on a strip for a base.
Three arm positions for the spear: vertical, 45 degrees, and over the sholder.
Let the phalanx go forth.

What's the good of owning a mace if you're not allowed to use it? -Sidney Bruhl "Deathtrap"

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#11 [url]

Jun 15 09 5:58 PM

Well, I just put in an order for 10 sprues.  I've always been interested in ancient Greeks, but I've never gotten into them.  Having them in plastic, in a variety of armor and body styles, would be too much for me to resist.  I know there are fanatics out there who demand the utmost 100% purest historical accuracy, but most of us are gamers, not nit-pickers.  Plus with the forthcoming Clash of Iron game (which I'm looking forward to at Historicon), I would have another reason (besides WAB & FOG), to do Greeks!

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#12 [url]

Jun 28 09 6:39 AM

Would anyone who has pre-ordered these object if 1 body was un-armored? This would make those figures able to represent city-militias that were often raised by City States to supplement their armies and, more importantly, could be used (with a head swap) to represent the later Greek Thureophoroi (Peltasts) who were present in Greek, Macedonian, Seleucid, Phyrric, and Pontic armies, to name a few.

They were also utilized as Mercianries in many an army (including Casearian Roman). This would make this an even more useful sprue than it already is. But I leave it to the vote of those who have already ordered sprues to decide.

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#14 [url]

Jun 28 09 9:54 AM

  Well, I would humbly suggest that all the minis have armour, and that those folks who want unarmoured hoplites simply purchase some of the Nubian body sprues and substitute them as needed.


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#17 [url]

Jun 30 09 6:41 AM

I was thinking that they'd all be armored (a mixture of Bronze and linothorax armor).  I can buy a couple of numidian sprues/boxes to make slingers/archers/peltasts/unarmored hoplites.  From my reading of the Peloponesian War by Donald Kagan, the Hoplites were citizen soldiers who paid for, and maintained their own armor and equipment, which was often passed down through the family generations.  So a wide variety of armor types wouldn't be out of place, as well as some unarmored types too, but I'd prefer to use Numidian bodies for unarmored hoplites and skirmishers

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#18 [url]

Jul 1 09 8:24 PM

480 to 323 b.c. covers quite a bit of time.  You have hoplites with bronze muscled cuirass (not very common), leather or canvas armor (the most common form of armor), metal reinforced linothorax, and unarmored.  The unarmored guys were developed during the Peloponnesian War.  The Numidian sprue will not work for them as the tunic is not correct.   The exomis did not have sleeves and only went over one shoulder leaving the other shoulder and upper chest bare.

Another question will be the pose.  Will they be in a combat pose thrusting over the shield or standing at ease with the spear upright?  My preference would be to allow both.

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#20 [url]

Jul 2 09 5:53 AM

Perhaps a couple of "at the ready" poses, as opposed to "at ease" poses.

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